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Japan is a hub for great online casinos. Here's a breakdown of the best online casino options you can try in Japan.

Trying to gamble in Japan? Discover the best online casinos

Around the world, online casinos have seen a huge surge in popularity after the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Gamblers looking to risk it all on the roulette table had to turn to the internet to gamble. For some people, this was easy as plenty of online casinos were already in existence. However, Japanese citizens looking on the internet to gamble had a harder time. 

While casinos were illegal in Japan for the longest time, online gambling was a grey area for many people. Many online casinos decided to fill the void, and cater to Japanese gamblers. They offered Japanese translations of their sites, and accepted bets in yen. So if you’re trying to find an online casino for Japanese people, we have some suggestions. 


One of the best online casinos for Japanese players is 32Red. As one of the first online casino brands to cash in on the Japanese audience, they offer multiple games in Japanese, and accept bets in yen. A longstanding online casino, 32Red offers over 500 games in multiple languages, making it one of the best international online casinos. 

New 32Red members can get a 150% welcome bonus up to 150 pounds when they make their first deposit as well. If you’re not certain this is the site for you, just look at some of the most recent winners. Just last month, users hit jackpots of up to 52,000 pounds to take home. 

It’s so easy to earn rewards while playing on 32Red as well. From Ruby Tuesday events which double your reward points, to earning points simply for downloading their software, you can make easy free money playing on 32Red. Available on the web and as a desktop application, 32Red is perfect for Japanese users. 


Another longstanding online casino, GoldenLounge is easily one of the best online casinos in Japan. Accepting bets in yen and offering games in Japanese, it’s another great website for Japanese gamblers. 

Offering mobile, desktop, and browser options, GoldenLounge can be played anywhere, at any time. Plus, the casino is secured by SSL encryption, so you know no matter where in the world you’re playing from, your data is securely locked behind encryption. There’s nothing that can beat that. 

With years of experience under their belt, GoldenLounge is easily one of the best online casinos for gamblers worldwide, but especially in Japan. Add it to your list of online casinos to try.

Casino Secret

One of the few online casinos designed with Japanese gamblers in mind, it’s easily the best online casino for Japanese users. Not only is the site available entirely in Japanese and accepts yen, it features many classic Japanese games on top of a variety of table, card, and slot games from around the world. 

With plenty of bonus opportunities for members, it’s also one of the few casinos in the world, not just online, to offer a cashback program if you’re not winning on their machines. That alone should draw you into playing on Casino Secret. 

While Casino Secret is newer than many online casinos, that doesn’t make it any less interesting. Japanese users trying to gamble on the Internet will still find a lot of entertainment in using Casino Secret. Try out Casino Secret if you’re in the mood for online gambling. 

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