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Looking for creative Minecraft castle Designs with tutorials? Look no further, we have put together 10 of the best Minecraft castles in this guide for you.

10 Best Minecraft Castle Designs

Minecraft’s versatility and creative interface make it one of the most popular games today. When it comes to designing and building castles in Minecraft, you need to have essential blueprints and adequate information for the execution of the project. This guide presents the best Minecraft castles coupled with YouTube tutorials to help you build amazing castles on your territory – you can even get the Minecraft apk download v1.16.1.02 free!

While anyone can go about making Minecraft buildings and structures, the real achievement is in creating something challenging and unique that attracts more visitors. To help gamers in this regard, we have researched some amazing designs that will certainly make your place stand out from others.

Simplistic Castle


The first on our list is the easiest structure made by One Team on Youtube. It is one of the simplest and easiest castles you can try as it involves no complexities. In particular, if you are a newbie and want to build something unique in the survival mode, this is a must-have.

As far as building blocks are concerned, you can get the job done by consuming minimum blocks. In our opinion, you should use an excellent combination of stone bricks, spruce wood planks, cobblestone stairs, oakwood, and double stone slabs for the desired outlook.

If you are using SMP and other related servers, this thing is going to amaze your friends with its aesthetics and crazy outlook. Even for newbies, it offers plenty of conveniences as the tutorial provides clear step-by-step instructions.

Medieval Castle by Stevler

If you have an eye for detail and want to build a great medieval castle, this Youtube tutorial by Stevler is everything you need. Medieval castles are not easy to create since they involve a lot of complex structures. However, this tutorial breaks down each step into layers of easy-to-follow instructions to help you get the job done without involving any hassle. 

Size is another praiseworthy aspect of this mighty castle. The dimensions provided at the start of the video are a bit confusing for newbies. However, this building will look much taller and wider than you think it will because of its increased width and height

In terms of building blocks, stone bricks, oak wood, double stone slab, stone brick stairs, oak fence, and cobblestone stairs can be an excellent combination for the project at hand. 

Winter Castle

This winter castle built by Daxar123-Builds is another great structure if you are looking to create something exceptional on a mountain cliff. The availability of a couple of bedrooms in the design makes it a highly suitable option for a multiplayer clash in the survival mode.

In particular, if you are a high-end warrior in survival mode and want to build something crazy, this castle can be the choice. The video describes each step in detail keeping in mind the problems faced by a wide variety of gamers during these architectural builds.

In terms of building blocks, we would advise you to use gray wool, spruce wood planks, Quartz blocks and stairs, glass pane, Redstone lamps, and other related structures usually used in winter houses.

Blackstone Medieval Castle

This Blackstone Medieval Castle by Stevler is yet the mind-boggling architect you will ever see. He breaks down the entire construction into three different steps. The first revolves around the construction of the main building, while the remaining two focus on exterior walls and the interior.

If you, like me, do not favor the boring outlook of a regular medieval castle, this is something for you. This is one of the most impressive Minecraft castles explained in detail. Everything from the main building to the fortress wall enhances the outlook of your entire territory with its aesthetics. 

Stone bricks, black stone, and spruce wood plank are going to be the two most common building blocks required here. However, you can also utilize dark oak planks, spruce wood, cobblestone, ladder, and cobblestone stairs for enhanced variety.

Gothic Castle in Mountain Valley

The next on the list is an amazing Gothic castle created by Geet Builds. The structure and overall design of the castle make it one of the top-notch build choices in survival mode. However, we would not recommend this one if you are a newbie and don’t have any prior experience in creating mega designs.

One thing that sets this tutorial apart from others is the detailed explanation of maps before starting the actual construction. It really helps gamers anticipate what building blocks to use and what dimensions they need for the construction. 

As far as building blocks are concerned, there is plenty of room for gamers in this regard. In our opinion, you should choose dark oak wood, stone brick stairs, cobblestones, wooden trapdoor, cracked stone bricks, and other related structures.

Lord’s Castle

This Lord’s castle built by LionCheater is another interesting castle out there. What we like most about this design is its majestic outlook coupled with its exquisite interior. There are plenty of choices in terms of the interior as well, which will facilitate those who want something unique. 

You can create anything such as a personal library and a working space to further enhance the outlook of your design. 

In terms of building blocks, we would advise you to use spruce wood planks, oak fences, stone brick stairs, spruce wood stairs, bookshelf, hardened clay, and stone bricks for a more detailed look. 

Techno Gamerz Castle

Storm Buddy’s Techno Gamerz castle is another instance of magnificent design coupled with straightforward construction. Techno Gamerz is certainly one step ahead of everyone when it comes to building stunning architects in Minecraft.

This time Storm Buddy replicates their design to create a stunning castle. In terms of building blocks, you can combine stone bricks, sandstones, spruce wood, ladder, and sandstones for excellent results. 

Japanese Castle

This Japanese castle designed by BlueBits is one of the most appreciated Minecraft castle designs on Youtube. One thing that distinguishes this choice from the rest of the others is that it offers endless customization. 

More specifically, you can add this one to your village territory to capture more visitors. There are endless possibilities in terms of the interior as well. So, get yourself ready for a top-notch castle experience with this one.

Dwarven Mountain Side Castle

This Dwarven castle by BigTonyMC makes an excellent choice for Minecrafters looking to build exceptional architects on the mountainside. The greatest thing about this design is that you can construct the structure within minutes since there aren’t any complicated instructions to follow.

As far as size is concerned, it lies somewhere between the smallest and greatest possible constructions. So, it makes a perfect choice for gamers looking for compact structures.

Castle With Blue Towers

The last on our list is an amazing castle designed with Blue Towers and an exceptional outlook. It is greater in size than the previous one we mentioned and is one of the top-notch medieval castles. 

Blue towers replicate the look of Disney World in their appearance and design. However, the towers might not be as tall as the ones we see in real Disney World scenarios. Still, it offers adequate resemblance and commendable aesthetics.

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