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Barya is a new twist on an old classic! Learn more about how to play Arabic roulette and double your chances of taking home a cash prize.

Arabic roulette also known as Egyptian roulette or barya

Arabic roulette, also known as Egyptian roulette or barya, is a version of the classic casino game. The Arabic name رولكس derives from the French term “roulette”, which means “small wheel”. 

It is sometimes called “Egyptian roulette” because it was thought to have been invented in Egypt. However, European evidence suggests that this form of roulette was first played on the streets of Paris by bored gambling house inmates. 

Whether you call it Arabic or Egyptian, two things are certain: 1) This type of roulette appeals to gamblers who prefer skill over luck and 2) Nowadays there are several versions available for you including standard American Roulette, Single Zero Roulette with an additional Double Zero, or European Roulette with only one zero on the wheel.

arabic roulette barya

Before you play, familiarize yourself with the table layout and betting options so that when you are in front of a live dealer, there is no confusion about where to place your chips. When wagering in Arabic roulette, all players must make their bets at the beginning of each spin before any ball has been dropped into the wheel. 

Although this may vary by casino, common bets include: 1) Straight Up – Betting that a single number will come up 2) Split Bet – Two numbers bet 3) Street – Three adjacent numbers bet 4) Corner – Four adjacent numbers bet 5) Six Line – 6 line bet 6) Columns & Dozen Bets – Betting on 12 numbers in any group of 1 through 12 7) Red or Black (or odd or even) 8) 1st, 2nd, 3rd Dozen Bets.

Now that you understand the betting options, here are some rules to consider when playing Arabic roulette. First, there is no house edge on Straight Up bets. The other bets have a fixed house edge ranging from 2% to 5%, which is significantly better than single zero American Roulette where the house edge ranges from 5.26% to 8.7%.

arabic roulette barya

Second, payouts for winning bets are usually paid off at odds of 35-to-1 for Straight Up and Split bets and 17-to-1 for all other wagers. Third, when the dealer drops the ball into the wheel, he spins it in one direction and then lets it drop in a second direction. This back-and-forth spinning is different than American roulette where the wheel only makes one spin. 

Fourth, Arabic roulette tables often have an additional side bet called “la partage” which means “the split.” If you choose to make this bet, half of your winning wager will be paid out immediately while the other half will go to a special bonus payout fund or jackpot amount that eventually gets paid off to some lucky player.

arabic roulette barya

Arabic sports betting

Sports betting is a form of gambling where a player wagers money on an event or athlete’s performance. It takes the form of fixed-odds, parimutuel, and in some cases spread betting. The first known instance of a bookmaker taking bets was in London in 1694. 

Dubbed as “Famous Cricket” bookmaker Pat Hogg was dominant during this time and eventually became the leading odds creator for horse racing. However, even with her success, she faced hostility from betters who felt that she under-calculated the chances of certain horses to deliberately create false odds and entice more people to gamble with her. 

Sometimes referred to as ‘the lady,’ Hogg was the only woman legally allowed to take bets from the general public without a license. Sports betting has resulted in large revenues for sports leagues such as the National Football League and Professional Golfers’ Association, among others.

arabic roulette barya

There are many ways to bet on sports today:

– Straight Bets – These bets involve simply picking a side and winning if your pick is correct. 

They can be done either legally or illegally depending on the country and event organizer which includes: 1) Win/Lose (also called Match Bets) 2) Handicap Betting (also known as goal spread betting) 3) Totals or Over/Under (more popular with baseball and hockey where goals/runs must be scored to win the wager, but also applicable to football and basketball betting when final scores are more important, known as “Final Totals” betting).

– Props – These bets involve wagering on the outcomes of an event other than the main one. Common examples include who will score first or how many rushing/receiving yards will be gained during a game.

arabic roulette barya

– Proposition Bets – Also called “Proposition Players”, these are wagers created by bookmakers on different aspects of each individual game that usually do not have anything to do with the final outcome. 

These can include what color of shirt a referee will be wearing or how long it will take for a third goal to occur in a football match. Sometimes people create their own prop bets which can lead to legal issues.

– Future Betting – This form of betting is used mainly as a method to make money from recruiting other bettors rather than wagering on sports. It usually involves predicting which teams will be champions in future rounds/matches and placing bets on them before the beginning of the season.

arabic roulette barya

Many bookmakers also offer payouts if your team completes an extra task such as scoring 5 goals or more in a game, winning by more than 2 points, etc. . .

– Spread Bets – This betting option is commonly known as “Point Spread Betting.” A point spread is used in many North American professional sports leagues that use a traditional “winner takes all” format; it is designed to encourage bets on both teams but give an advantage to the “better” team (on paper) by handicapping them. 

For example, if the Patriots were to play the Bills, they would be considered a very heavy favorite with most bookmakers even though it is far from certain how either team will perform in any given game. For administrative purposes, most sports leagues utilize an “official” spread determined by their own internal rules for settling ties at the end of a season if fans are unsatisfied with how things turn out.

arabic roulette barya

– Alternative Lines/Scenarios – Many times bookmakers offer alternate lines or situations like money line bets (where one must simply pick a winner and does not need to worry about point spreads), total points scored, time of first score, etc. . . These vary widely depending on the sport and event organizer but usually offer more.

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