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Gather around villagers! To celebrate the 20th anniversary of 'Animal Crossing' we're goovin' to these classic tunes from K.K. Slider and beyond.

‘Animal Crossing’ turns 20: Spend more bells on these iconic tunes

Twenty years ago today Nintendo unveiled the unique life simulation franchise Animal Crossing on the Nintendo 64. The quirky game filled with charming anthropomorphic characters has become a Nintendo favorite over these many years.

“It has been 20 years since the Animal Crossing series was born,” the official game account posted. “Thank you to everyone who enjoyed it. We look forward to working with you in the future.” Most fans of the video game are likely enjoying the newest version on the Nintendo Switch right now, Animal Crossing: New Horizons which came out in 2020.  

Animal Crossing has come a long way since its early days and we have no doubt more wonderful games & treats are on the horizon. 😉 In fact, in celebration of the 20th anniversary, Nintendo announced a huge Animal Crossing: New Horizons soundtrack box set, consisting of limited edition content over two sets of seven CDs. 

The first 4-disc release will have every background music track with all the hourly & weather music changes as well as songs that play during special events & locations. The second 3-disc soundtrack called Totakeke Instrumental Music Collection contains instrumental versions of all ninety-five of KK Slider’s tunes.

As we wait to get our hands on the exciting new soundtrack, we’re listening to the best Animal Crossing tunes of these past two decades. Gather around the campfire villagers – here’s what’s on the songlist tonight!


One of the coolest elements of the Animal Crossing soundtracks is that there’s endless variety. The songs change depending on each hour of the day, weather, location, and event. Because of how soothing each track is, narrowing it down to our favorites isn’t an easy task. Here’s what we’ve got for ya. 

“1 AM” – Animal Crossing on GameCube

To kick off this ultimate Animal Crossing list, we have to pick from one of the first games released on GameCube, Dōbutsu no Mori (Animal Forest). While music fluctuates by the hour, if you were even on at 1 AM you know how this jam is the eye before the 2AM storm.

“2AM” – Animal Crossing on GameCube

While later Animal Crossing games give you chill late-night lullabies, this game said nah. For contrast, this jazzy tune hits you in the face with loud trumpet noises, basically screaming, “Why are you still awake?” All of the night owls like Celeste can party with more wacky animals while listening to this sick beat.

“1AM” – Animal Crossing: New Leaf

We confess: we play Animal Crossing way too late at night and it shows. But listening to this lovely music is worth the dark circles we’ll get tomorrow.

“7AM” – Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Okay early risers, here’s one for you! Of all the New Horizons hourly songs, we have to say that waking up to this jig is a swell treat we always enjoy. 

“Title” – Animal Crossing: City Folk

Can’t forget about Animal Crossing: City Folk! This game had one of the best title songs to date.

K.K. Slider

The Animal Crossing legend K.K. Slider has to have his own section on this list for his collection of classic originals. Form a circle around the snow-white pup and listen him strum his greatest hits. 

“Stale Cupcakes”

This melancholy tune makes our heart squeeze. Why are the cupcakes stale? Look up some translations of the lyrics to find out and cry. 

“Bubble Gum”

“Bubble Gum” first appears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and is one of K.K.’s viral tracks which even made a splash on TikTok.

“Forest Life”

This K.K. Slider tune is a classic because it’s the title theme for Animal Crossing: Animal Forest. This list wouldn’t be complete without the laid-back mood and lovely strum “Forest Life” brings.

Fan songs / covers

We have to recognize some fantastic artists who have proven the geeky love of Animal Crossing in these fan songs.

“K.K. Bossa” – Adriana Figueroa

If you were angry “K.K. Bossa” didn’t make it to our “Best of K.K.” list, you can calm yourself, because we’re including it in the form of this amazing cover done by Adriana Figueroa. Sometimes it’s nice to actually hear the lyrics, eh? (Don’t worry K.K. Slider, we love your squeaky bleating too.) 

“Turning Over a New Leaf” – MandoPony

If K.K. Bossa and ambiance tunes aren’t enough to get you dancing, you have to check out this adorable Animal Crossing: New Leaf anthem by the musical YouTuber MandoPony. The rhymes are on point and the lyrics are absolutely adorable!

Which of your favorite Animal Crossing tunes are we missing? Let us know below.

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