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From age to zodiac sign, learn all about Ranboo. He's the popular gaming influencer who's known for his IG and playing Minecraft's Dream SMP!


Social media has a great potential in store for everybody. It caters to the demands of multiple groups and is used for multiple purposes. Some of its uses include promotion, communication, socialization, and even entertainment. Especially for Gen Z, social media is their answer to all problems. 

Social media has been able to create a large market/audience for itself in a short span of time. Today, being present and working on social media is looked upon as a full-fledged career in itself. It is a great way to earn money as well as become popular. In fact, hundreds and thousands of people have become globally popular in the form of social media influencers. 

One such popular social media figure is Ranboo. He is prominently active on Instagram and YouTube and has quite a fair amount of fan following. This article will provide you with some interesting information about Ranboo’s life.

all about ranboo

Ranboo’s Age & Gender

Every Ranboo fan is always curious to know as to how old is Ranboo. Well, we have the answer for all the Ranboo fans. Ranboo revealed his birth date to be November 2, 2003, meaning thereby that he is 18 years old. As a teen only, he has achieved stardom as a social media influencer. 

Another question that surfaces every now and then is regarding Ramboo’s gender. While there is concrete information about Ranboo’s age, the same cannot be said for his gender. Analyzing and concluding from what Ranboo posts, it can be suggested that is most likely a male figure. Therefore, it would be appropriate to address Ranboo as ‘he’ or ‘him’.

all about ranboo

Ranboo’s Height and Zodiac Sign

Ranboo is yet to post a picture of himself from where his height can be deciphered. However, he is estimated to be 6 feet 6 inches or 198 cm tall. This is based on the assumption that Ranboo is nearly as tall as his fellow co-star Chezarian. 

Ranboo was born on November 2. Therefore, his sun sign/zodiac is Scorpio. The major qualities attributed to Scorpios are that they are passionate & determined about what they do, and they are resourceful. Also, they are expected to be good in bed which might be one of the reasons behind Ranboo’s fan following.

all about ranboo

Ranboo’s Social Media Journey and Dream SMP

Ranboo’s major content is in the form of humorous videos and posts. Apart from this, he also engages in promoting other artists, thereby attracting more traffic on social media platforms. Ranboo first became active on Instagram followed by Twitter and YouTube. Ranboo has more than a million Instagram followers, 100,000 Twitter followers & close to 10,000 followers on YouTube. 

What adds to Ranboo’s popularity is that he plays Dream SMP as well. Ranboo joined the platform in November 2020 and has been able to gain huge popularity there as well. What makes Ranboo unique on social media is that he is not limited to posting about himself. He wants others to grow as well. He is highly liked by his fans and by other people in his field.

all about ranboo

Ranboo & Tubbo

Both Ranboo and Tubbo are popular social media stars who are good friends as well. They are often seen promoting each other and posting each other’s pictures and videos. Tubbo is currently married to Mattyb09. But, Matty hasn’t been seen in recent times & there are rumors doing rounds about Ranboo and Taboo dating each other. 

That’s all about Ranboo’s personal and work life. To stay updated about Ranboo’s life, you can follow him on his social media channels. 

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