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A discussion among players of Animal Crossing: New Leaf about how to make the perfect Snowboy

According to the game, players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons are debating the best strategies for creating perfect Snowboys, which are the game’s affectionate name for snowmen.

Users on Reddit recently discussed their strategies for building the perfect Snowboy – the game’s affectionate term for snowmen that appear during the winter season – as part of the Animal Crossing Bells For Sale community. Animal Crossing Bells For Sale  players in the northern hemisphere are currently experiencing the same real-world weather patterns as they are in Nintendo’s social simulation game, but they can still see snow falling outside their window in the game. It doesn’t matter if a player doesn’t see snow falling outside their window in the real world; in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, they can still experience snow falling outside their window.

Unlike the traditional snowman, a snowboy is a little more unusual than the traditional snowman. As long as snowboys are constructed correctly in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, that is in proportion to their surroundings, they come to life and interact with the player. Following the completion of this feat, the player’s Snowboy will remain alive for the next couple of days and reward them with a snowflake (which can be used as an ingredient in certain wintry DIY recipes) for each day that passes. In addition, the Snowboys provide players with general DIY recipes that they can use in their homes. Consequently, building a Snowboy correctly is extremely beneficial, and when players do so incorrectly, the Snowboy will not be shy about informing them.


MidnightCowgirl, a Reddit user who recently uploaded a useful infographic that outlines a straightforward strategy for creating the perfect Snowboy, has graciously shared it with us. MidnightCowgirl’s infographic is courtesy of MidnightCowgirl. It is shown in the graphic that there is a significant difference in size between the two snowballs and the height of a playable villager in New Horizons. It is recommended that the base Snowboy snowball be able to reach just above the nose of any given playable character, and that the head be able to reach just below the ear of that character. With a snowball on his head that appears to be approximately three-quarters as large as his body, the Snowboy appears to tower over the majority of island inhabitants.


The post sparked a lively discussion in the comments section about other useful strategies for approaching Snowboy builds as a result of the discussion


– The counting method was explained to me by a user who mentioned that they counted the seconds it took them to roll their body and then their head

– Count to 17 for the first ball, and then to 12 for the next, until the game is finished

– Unknown to the author, another user described their own strategy, which does not rely on the use of eyes or educated guesses in any way

– “My technique is to find a strip of land where I can lay a 2×10 block of path,” they explained about their strategy

– Create perfect Snowboys by stacking both snowballs on each end at their maximum size, then rolling one down to the other side to complete the stack


Despite the fact that the quest to build the perfect Snowboy appears to be never-ending (especially given the large number of different strategies that produce good results), players who simply want to mess around without much structure can still come up with admirable Snowboys


– For starters, the Snowboys are brutally honest with their players, telling them whether or not their work is acceptable in the first place

– Along with disproportionate Snowboys, some ACNH players find it enjoyable to construct them as well; however, the final decision is up to each individual player and his or her vision for their wintry island

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