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While there is little room to apply tactics or strategic thinking in Fortune Coins’ Joker Poker, we will offer a few helpful tips.

A Deep Dive Into Joker Poker: Unveiling Strategies and Secrets

Fans of sweepstakes casino-style games often miss out on video poker variants, but Fortune Coins Casino is on a mission to change that with its unique Joker Poker game. This variant has rules that are as simple as can be, making it perfect for novice players.

However, it differs from other Joker-based poker versions in several ways, most notably in terms of gameplay. We’ll explain it in detail so that you can understand how it works before putting your Fortune Coins on the line. Additionally, you’ll find some tips to help you get started.

Joker Poker Gameplay

Joker Poker is Fortune Coins’ in-house card game. It features a clean layout with a single 52-card deck and 5 card spots on the table. In this game, the focus is completely on fast-paced action, which is why it has only three options: deal, hold, and draw.

After the dealer draws one of the 5 cards, it’s your turn. If you manage to land a high card and beat the dealer, you win the amount you’ve placed. On the other hand, you lose if the drawn card has a lower value than the dealer’s.

As you can see, the gameplay of this Joker Poker online variant is quite simple since hand values are irrelevant — it’s only important to land a higher card than the dealer’s.

Tips on How to Win Playing Joker Poker

While there is little room to apply tactics or strategic thinking in Fortune Coins’ Joker Poker, we will offer a few helpful tips:

  • Learn the card rankings — Before joining Fortune Coins, you should learn some basic card rankings since you’ll need to determine which card to flip to beat the dealer.
  • Practice by playing with Gold Coins — To avoid wasting redeemable coins early on, you can consider playing the game using Gold Coins only. Then, you can make a transition and play with FC once you get the hang of the game.
  • Test the game with lower amounts — Due to the fast pace of the Joker Poker game, it’s easy to get carried away, so you may want to focus on managing your bankroll.
  • Use the Fortune Coins bonus for an extra boost — Even if you’re off to a bad start, don’t worry; the Fortune Coins welcome bonus provides plenty of coins for you to practice with. 

Our Take — Is Joker Poker Worth It?

This Joker Poker variant is ideal for players looking for something different from video poker. Plus, thanks to its straightforward gameplay, even novice players are bound to have a good time.

This is a great choice for anyone looking for a quick game; however, those among you who like to take their sweet time with poker will enjoy it as well, especially considering Fortune Coins’ sign-up offer and Gold Coins free play.

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