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There are tons of different women's work boots styles. Here's a rundown of the most notable styles and trends.

Trend of Women’s Work Boots Used In Films and Shows

Film has long been the home of wild fashion choices. From the looks of it, film stars are fashionistas who live in their own world. However, Hollywood fashion is not limited to film sets. It is evident from the way actors wear clothes and footwear on screen. Films bring fashion to life by showing how fashion evolves in real time.

Early 20th Century Trend

Boots have been an integral part of women’s fashion arsenal since the early 1900s. The first women’s shoe was created in 1878 by an English shoemaker named Edward Evans, but it wasn’t until the 1920s that women began wearing high-heeled shoes for fashion purposes.

While Hollywood may have revolutionized women’s footwear with its stiletto, the idea of wearing boots in fashion has been around for a long time. The first real fashion trend to come out of Hollywood was movie star-inspired shoes. Boots were worn by actresses like Joan Crawford and Marilyn Monroe because they wanted to look stylish while being comfortable on their feet all day.

Mid 20th Century and Onwards Trend

In the 1940s, women began wearing boots that were part of a shoe called a cowboy boot. The star who made these shoes famous was Gene Tierney, who wore them in 1944’s Leave Her to Heaven.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Hollywood stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe started wearing stilettos, a shoe that was inspired by the boots worn by Gene Tierney. 

The stiletto gained popularity among women because it provided a high heel for those who didn’t want to wear heels all day long . In the 1960s, fashion icons like Audrey Hep burn and Jane Fonda started wearing mules, which were popularized by actress Ava Gardner. The mule is a flat shoe with a platform sole that has been worn for decades by Hollywood stars like Elizabeth Taylor, who wore them in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The 1980s saw the emergence of the boot as a fashion trend. The first major star to wear boots was Madonna, who wore them in her hit song “Like a Virgin.” As a result of her popularity, other celebrities started wearing boots on the red carpet and at awards shows. 

The 1990s saw a new style of boot called the cowboy boot, which was inspired by Hollywood actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. The cowboy boots became popular among women because it was an alternative to stilettos or high heels. Later, celebrities like Mariah Carey wore them on stage in her hit song “Fantasy .” The cowboy boot has also been worn by fashion icons like the Olsen twins and Katy Perry.

21st Century Trends

Celebrities like Beyonce Knowles have been known to wear heels, but also have a collection of boots. In 2013, Beyonce wore an all-black boot during her performance at the Grammy Awards and became the first black woman to wear them on television. This trend spread throughout fashion as other celebrities followed suit. 

In 2015, “Vogue” featured a spread on well performed women’s boots that included both styles of footwear as well as high heels and platform shoes. In 2016, the U.S. Army chose Valentino ‘s high-top boots for its summer collection. 

The high-top boot was originally worn by sailors, miners and construction workers. Its popularity grew in the 1970s when it became a trend among women. Celebrities like Madonna wore them to perform on stage during her hit song “Vogue.” During this time, celebrities also began wearing platform shoes with high heels. 

In 2017, Victoria Beckham wore a pair of platform boots on the cover of “Vogue” magazine. This was part of her ongoing collaboration with Vogue that began in 2014 when she appeared on the magazine’s cover wearing a dress designed by David Bowie . 

The fashion industry has also played a major role in the popularity of boots. For example, in 2016, Dolce & Gabbana featured women wearing platforms and heels with black ankle boots on their fall runway show. This was part of the brand’s “Dolce Vita” collection that was inspired by the 1980s.

Final Words

Boots continued to be popular among both genders throughout the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. They were worn by both men and women in the United States during this time. Boots were also worn by men in the early 20th century because they gave men a more rugged look and provided them with better traction on snowy days. 

The 1980s were the heyday of the high-top boot. They became popular in movies, television shows and advertisements during this time. 

But use of boots as fashion accessories was later transformed more into use of boots by women in more practical fields, e.g. in work places. This was likely due to the fact that boots were more comfortable and provided better traction than shoes or sneakers for working in construction and farming. 

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