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Just like natural hair, certain types of wigs flatter different face shapes. Look your best and select the perfect wig for you!


Hot sun, blue skies, and enjoyment on the beach? Summer is going to be fully swinging shortly? The correct amount of sunshine is capable of enhancing the mood, treating seasonal melancholy, alleviating stress, improving sleep, and giving us vitamin D which is essential to bone health.

But rocking wigs can be tough in the hot heat. Since beauty is a must-season, our useful advice for wearing perrons is available here throughout the summer.

 Embrace the bob

Bob wigs during hot and humid days are cooler for your scalp. If you spare your shoulders from that hair barrier, your body’s warmth falls by around five degrees. There are also several bob haircuts like the pixie and the buzz. Sometimes it’s incredibly nice to have a hairstyle without you making a statement. It’s enjoyable to divert and stand out from the standard in a world that expects women to have long hair.

All bob wigs are not equal, though. The style to complement your face shape needs to be known. New York-based Antoinette Hill gives you a low down on your inner goddess’ aesthetic in an interview with Dermstore.

Heart-shaped Face: Wispy, Layered Cut 

Hill recommends that you have a haircut that will balance your prominence and lessen the breadth of the pronounced forehead if your face has that cheekbone to die and that you have a thin-skinned. This trick is done using a wispy, layered bob. “For ladies with a heart-formed face, the side-sweeps are the perfect cut, because thick bangs establish the equilibrium of the face,” she says.

Oval-shaped Face: Angular Bob 

The angular bob is your greatest hairstyle, Hill advises if you have an oval face because the tiny layers surrounding your face keep your facial softness while the cut itself adds dimensions.

Square-shaped Face: Shoulder-length Cut

Hill explains that a cut with greater length on the side works best for your particular reflection if you have prominent jaws and brothers because hair falls across the jawline and will mask your quadrant structure. This will soften and romantic the prominent edges of your face.

Round-shaped Face: Pixie Cut

If you have this face shape, Lucky you! Any cut can lead away from a round face. Try to get a hairstyle of a pixie. “Since the pixie is about short sides and a bulky top, it helps to extend the face aesthetically,” explains Hill. Hill thinks that it’s scary to go super-short, and a shorter style flatters for this facial shape. “To this facial shape are chin-length bobs, which underline the spherical contour,” she said.

Long-shaped Face: Side-parted Curly Lob

For long faces, longer bobs work ideal. The lobe shortens your forehead’s look. You may also create volume to your faces by curling the layers of your lobe to make the entire appearance more balanced. Different type of frontal and hd lace wigs are available to ease your styling game. 

Regularly wash wigs

Do not have to wash wigs every day. If you’re not careful, too much washing might accelerate wear or tear. It is, nevertheless, good for washing your hairpieces often during the months of late spring to release excess oils and sweat from rising temperatures.

When a wig is wet, it can cause shedding if it is washed with extremely hot water. Follow the right approach to wash your lovely hairstyle permanently.

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