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Who makes custom insoles

Custom insoles are necessary for orthopedic treatments. They tend to go on like the perfect fit, and they are often made with the perfect quality. Mostly, a podiatrist will recommend a custom insole for any sort of problem with the muscles and bones of the feet. These consoles provide strength and comfort for walking and running. They also ensure necessary movement and a perfect grip on the feet. Thus, you’ll have a very good stance on your feet. The necessity of custom insoles is important for support, and many companies will provide you with the necessary equipment. Our personal favorite is ScientiFeet, as they have good rates and other reimbursement options with the custom insoles. 

In this article, we’ll provide you with a list of companies that do the same job for custom insoles. The necessary part of having a custom insole is that you get the optimum result for each concern. Again, some companies will provide you with the insoles from home, and others will use digital processes to make the insoles. Depending on your situation and cost, you can choose either. 

Who makes custom insoles? 

Here we are including five different companies that make custom insoles. These companies are different, and their approaches are also varied. But they are reliable and have good client value. 


This company is a subsidiary of Crystal by Posaways, which is renowned in the orthopedic circle. The company has been operating since the 1970s, and with ScientiFeet, they provide the 3D model technology. The company takes pride in its maximum 5-day delivery and top-notch medical and custom insoles. First, they will scan your feet, and for that, you have to be present in person. Next up, you have to submit the necessary documents from your healthcare provider. They will include the necessary diagnosis in the model. The scanning will give you the 3D insoles, and the 3D modeling will be an outcome. And lastly, ScientiFeet will provide the insoles anywhere in France. They also operate internationally. You can get the insoles from anywhere in the world and get them for any sort of shoe. 

Boyner Clinic  

This is an international custom insole maker that is based in India. They use French technology to make the insoles. Thermoformed insoles are their specialty, and they have been working in this field for the last 25 years. You can get different sorts of insoles, like the multisport insoles, the paid sensible insoles, or the fragile feet insoles. You have to make a physical appointment to get the proper insoles. 

Foot Solutions 

This is a US-based brand that started its operations in the 2000s. The company has several locations. And for the custom insoles, you only have to go to their shops and get your insoles. The insoles they offer are not only for regular foot diagnosis, but they also offer countless solutions like pain relief or callus on the feet. The custom orthopedic insoles are done with 3D models, and you have to go to locations to get the results. 

Orthotic Shop  

If you’re looking forward to getting your foot checked at home and having it delivered to you directly, then the Orthotic Shop would be perfect for you. The company offers custom orthotics, and they can make them for any sort of shoe. You can get it for your boots or even your regular casual wear. The key thing about the Orthotic Shop is that they will send you a custom kit, or as they call it, an impression kit, to mold your feet. The custom kit will have a mold with which you will press your feet and send it via mail. As you are getting a custom insole, also mention the diagnosis to the company. They will deliver the insoles right to your home. 


This is another renowned brand for custom insoles that has been operating for more than twenty years. The insoles are made specially for your concerns, and they tend to include at least 56 materials to provide the proper hold on the feet. The company used medical professionals to address the concerns. They include consoles for sports and even regular use. And thus, the consoles are at the top of their game every time. The company has a return policy as well. When you order the custom insole, you will get the impression kit in 3 days for free. And once you return the impression kit, they will ship out the consoles in no time. 

To sum up…  

The custom insoles have their comfort and expertise, but they are mostly on the expensive side. When the costs are covered by insurance, you might want to get a one-on-one consultation with the company. These will help you achieve a complete diagnosis for your orthopedic condition.

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