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What Can I Apply on my Buttocks to Make It Bigger?

Having bigger and rounder buttocks is a dream of every woman these days. It was not that necessary to have big buttocks a few years back, however, it has now become a passion. The women go through long painful surgeries, apply chemical-rich creams, and do a lot of exercises to get bigger buttocks. 

Surgeries are, as you can judge, not economical but super painful. Exercise is usually also not our first choice. We all look for easy solutions. Applying something on your buttocks seems to be the only easiest solution. So, let’s discuss it a little.

What can I apply to my Buttocks to make them bigger?

There are a lot of things you can apply to your buttocks. It is not scientifically proven that these home remedies grow your buttocks. However, people across the globe do so, therefore, it can be assumed that they work. Even if they do not work, they do not harm you and make your buttocks smoother and rounder for sure. 

  • Coffee and egg mask The most effective home remedy is believed to be the coffee-egg mixture.  It is said to be a natural butt enhancement cream. For this, you need ground coffee and egg whites. Mix the two ingredients quite well and make a fine paste. Heat the mixture in the microwave a little, apply it to your buttocks, leave for a good 20 to 30 minutes, and rinse it off. Do it thrice a week to get good results.
  • Cinnamon and purple-grape cream – This is another most trusted home remedy to increase the size of the buttocks. Take 5 tablespoons of cinnamon, add the mush of 10 purple grapes, and mix it well. It must be applied and left for 30 minutes and repeated multiple times a week to begin to get the signs of improvement. 
  • Fenugreek paste – Fenugreek is proven to increase breast, hair, and buttocks growth. Therefore, you must try it as well. You can eat overnight-soaked fenugreek seeds or make a fine paste and apply it on your buttocks. 
  • Ready-made creams or solutions – The market is bombarded with several buttock enlargement creams and solutions. Some of these creams and solutions do contain harmful chemicals. However, a few are just a combination of natural herbs as well. They are a bit harder to find but worth it. Look for such creams or solutions, they are a sure way to get the dream buttocks. How often can you apply them? I would say as suggested.
  • Buttock enlargement pads – If you do not have that patience and want to look good in that dress, buttocks enlargement pads are the only solution. You can apply them on your buttocks and give yourself an instant boost. 

Other than the above-mentioned remedies, yogurt+banana, chocolate+whipped cream, potato+honey+ egg, vaseline+coconut oil,  and nivea+extra virgin olive oil mixture. If nothing works for you, I would advice you see a doctor and request him/her to suggest something to you. Lastly, Do not  quit on your dream!

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