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Don't scare people away with your stench! There are plenty of reasons you should wear perfume or cologne. Here are some tips for wearing it effectively.

Why Perfume is necessary and where to apply perfume? [Tips 2021!]

Perfumes, colognes, deodorants, what else do you call that bottle of alluring fragrance?

No matter what we call them, main thing is to wear an fragrant perfume and walk around with confidence.

Moreover, you can easily attract everyone, if your body aroma is pleasant!

Just imagine, you’re a perfect bachelor, groomed up from head to toe, but forgot to wear perfume!

Ah! You miss a chance to impress the perfect match for you!

Here are some tips for you to follow, if you do not want to miss any chance to impress and find your better half with your perfect perfume aroma.

Why Perfume is necessary?

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Let’s see the factors that proves that wearing a perfume is necessary. 

7 facts- Why Perfume is Necessary:

1: Amplifies Mood

You can easily reflect your mood through the fragrance of your perfume. 

Whether your mood is mischievous, playful, calm, or any other, apply the cologne as per  the requirement!

Good aroma bridges a way towards a good and sound mood of the person wearing perfume along with everyone surrounding him/her. 

2: Good fragrance

For having a good smell all day, wearing a perfume is one of the best options. 

And the obvious way is, bathing every day. LOL! That’s obvious!

Wearing a perfume not only enhances your mood, but also helps in spreading good fragrance all around you.

3: Makes you more attractive

If you smell good, you attract good, ELSE YOU ONLY ATTRACT FLIES!!! 

Smell is one of the five senses that everyone has. You never know you can attract someone important through the way you smell. 

4: Improves health

When you inhale fresh and good smell, you feel lively. That might be the reason behind speedy recovery sometimes. 

It is not proved scientifically, but if your perfume is good, your mood will remain good. Hence, a perfume of your choice can pick you up from your blues and helps you to stay stress free!

5: Fights against Insomnia 

Are you struggling with less or no sleep at night? A perfume with some essential oils can help you with this matter!

Yes, a perfume is can help you fight against insomnia. But you have to choose it wisely! The fragrance can relax your mind and boost up sleep.

6: Keeps Headache away

If you are feeling miserable sometimes, and having a headache due to some or the other reason, a perfume can cure it!

Since, there is no scientific explanation of this matter, but we can consider that perfume will enhance mood. Hence, your headache might be cured!

7: Perfume aphrodisiac properties

Aphrodisiac is a material that arouses someone’s attention towards you. 

Generally they are attracted towards you!

Hence, if your perfume is amazing and has aphrodisiac properties then it will help you attract your love!

Here is the end of 7 facts that works for you if you wear perfume in regular basis. Still there are many reasons to wear a perfume daily, but these 7 are enough to convince anyone for perfumes.

Now let’s discuss WHERE TO APPLY PERFUME? 

Where to wear a perfume?

This question is the most confusing when you are still an avid beginner in wearing a perfume. 

Here is the list of specific areas to wear perfume. It will help you get more attention.

But remember: DO NOT OVER APPLY your perfume!!

You can apply colognes on below mentioned body parts:

Behind your ears

There are two main reasons to apply perfume behind ears.

FIRST: If you are in a sensual situation with your partner they will be near you and their head might rest on your shoulder.

Then they can smell your aroma and might enjoy your smell all day long!

SECOND: You can avoid your own odor by applying perfume to body parts that are near to your nose. So, do not forget to apply scent behind your ear.

On your chest

This area is mostly useful for men. If you hug someone or standing right in front of anyone is the common thing that we have to face everyday.

Hence applying perfume on below the neck makes them more interested in you. 

On your wrist

While we are in middle of any conversation, we always use our hands for making listener understand our thoughts.

Hence, applying perfume on your wrist is the best way to make your listeners aromatic and pleasant with amazing smell. 

Hair Perfume

You can use a hair perfume if you think your hairs should smell pleasant for hours. 

But before purchasing this product, make sure to confirm that it does not damage your hairs more!

Belly button

As belly button is the area which emits a lot of warmth, fragrance will emerge more in warm areas.

You can also apply on areas like knees, and backside your knees. 

But again, do not try to over apply perfume as some might have allergy from strong smell. So, AVOID IT!

Final Verdict

At last, we would like to know whether you will start using perfume on regular basis or not! Let us know in the comment section. You can also find best perfumes for women 2021 HERE!

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