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Leggings can be incredibly useful pieces of clothing. Here are some tips on how to wear leggings during the summer.

How to Wear Leggings in Summer

While staying comfortable and creating a fashionable look, Leggings can be a great way to go, but particular leggings are made impractical for everyday wear in these rising summer temperatures. However, you can use this versatile wardrobe staple the entire year if you choose a breathable material and keep following some basic fashion guidelines.

What Are Leggings?

Before we get to styling ideas, let’s just clear that leggings are not tights, they’re often confused with leggings. In contrast with tights, leggings are made from thick fabric that does not extend enough to cover your feet.

Pair Your Leggings with Trending Summer Outfits

1. Peach Lift legging with Crop tops

You can wear printed or plain crop tops or tied up tanks with peach butt leggings. You can create a great casual look by wearing a shirt that comes just above your waist as it would be a terrific option for you on hot days, and with high waisted peach lift leggings, you can make a style statement. 

You can add a light, open blouse or tying a shirt or jacket around your waist if you don’t have high-waisted peach lift leggings or you’re not comfortable in calling too much attention to your midriff area.

2. Leggings with Breezy Shirts

You can create a comfortable summer look by pairing your leggings with long, breezy shirts. Light oversized blouses and airy tunics go well with leggings. You can go for anything that comes down past your waist. For underneath, you can wear a nude tank top or try pairing it up with a brightly coloured sports bra with a light-coloured plain shirt for the top.

3. Kimino or Light Jacket with Leggings

If the temperature goes a little down, you can create an accent outfit by pairing your leggings with a silk kimono or light jacket. You can also choose an oversized blouse to create a perfect outfit that will help make your torso look longer.

Try these dark leggings, a plain tank top with a bright colored kimono and sandals and your fabulous outfit for going out on a summer evening is ready.

4. Black Peach Lift Leggings with Heels and Blouse

You can create a simple yet formal look by pairing dark peach lift leggings with a bright oversized blouse and closed-toe heels. You can also go for flats instead of heels, also for a little extra flair choosing faux leather or metallic leggings will be a plus.

Make black peach butt leggings look super dressy with perfectly dark heels, a plain oversized blouse, and delicate jewelry.

5. Plain leggings with Patterned shoes and a long shirt

To accent plain leggings, you have the option to go for bright or patterned shoes. Also, you can add an exciting accent to plain and dark-colored leggings with a simple yet bright colored or patterns pair of shoes or try metallic or sequined flats. Remember that the shoes shouldn’t conflict with your accessories or your long dress shirt.

You can make a style statement by adding small accents of the same color with your dress or shoes. For example, if you wear red lipstick or earrings with bright red shoes, you’ll look complete.

6. Converse Sneakers with Leggings

For creating a casual look, you can wear bright colored low-cut or Converse sneakers with leggings. Having comfortable sneakers below the leggings and an oversized t-shirt can be an excellent complement, and it will also help to dress down a fancy outfit. To make your legs appear slimmer and to draw attention to the narrower part of your calf, choose something low-cut.

What should I look for in leggings?

While shopping for leggings, you can follow the below guide to see what you’ve to look for in perfect leggings. 

Length: The option of both Capri length leggings and full-length legging is available. It depends on your body whether you want Capri length for summers or do you want to cover your whole legs to protect them from the sun by choosing full-length leggings. 

Material: Moisture-wicking material is something you should look for while choosing leggings materials.  It provides maximum workout comfort by absorbing extra moisture efficiently. 

Style: You can choose whatever style you like. For example, peach lift leggings are ideal for the gym as they are functional and perfect for getting post-workout selfies; also, to accentuate the muscles of your legs, you can try flattering high-waisted leggings with visible seams.

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