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The Love Stones – Rose Quartz Rings

Known for its positivity and optimistic energy, Rose quartz is known as an exquisite crystal to bring abundance and love. Its imagistic dusky light reddish-pink color captivates the beholder. Matching the beauty of its name, Celtic-Irishjewelry is all about high quality crystal stones.

With a gentle blushing color, it effortlessly captures the hearts of all who encounter it. A Rose Quartz Ring believed to boost healing properties on the body, mind, and soul.

Symbolism of Rose Quartz Stone Ring 

Unconditional love and divine femininity, rose quartz holds the power to elevate your spiritual journey. 

By incorporating this precious gemstone into your daily rituals, you can cultivate the nurturing qualities of gentleness, patience, and compassion that embody motherly love. 

Additionally, rose quartz is a gentle reminder to prioritize self-love, a vital aspect often overlooked in our quest for personal growth and fulfillment. 

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Ideal for Romantic Hearts 

In recent years rose quartz rings have become a popular choice and one of the most wearable rings out there. The aura of this protective crystal is warm and comforting. 

Cloudy Pink Hue 

The ring features a beautiful cloudy pink hue which goes along with numerous fashion jewelry pieces and materials such as platinum, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. You can add it as a main stone and a side stone to your rings, bracelets and necklaces. 

Soft, gentle and surprisingly versatile

Fall in love with these gorgeous designs of Rose Quartz Rings. We at Celtic Irish Jewelry have great ideas for carving the stone into perfect rings. 

Round Halo: It embodies elegance with its traditional round cut. The stone is delicately placed inside the ring frame, which enriches your style game. This classic design exudes romance, sophistication and femininity. The round halo surrounded by the stone gives a subtle brilliance.

Cushion Halo: The cushion cut normally lies at an angle. It is famous as the east-west-cut as the four sides are in different directions, creating a distinctive and captivating look. This ring design can be kept elegant and minimalist as you have the flexibility to customize the design.  

Split Band Pave: Enhance the simplicity of this design with a delicate, small baguette cut stone. It exudes warmth and simplicity, which is a Rose Quartz Ring trademark. You can choose any other cut for this ring, like an oval, cushion, pear, round and even heart. This is something which will never go out of fashion.  

Which hand is ideal for Rose Quartz Rings?

The hand on which you choose to wear a rose quartz ring is a matter of personal preference; however, it is believed to have more impact on the left hand. 

By adorning your left hand with this crystal, you invite potent energies to imbue your aura. It believably opens the gateway to receiving and attracting the abundant love energy this stone exudes. 

While the rose quartz ring is not a stone that resonates with every person, it has clarity and openness that makes it an understated option for people who are not too fussy about precious stones. Here at Celtic-Irishjewelry, our role is to make your life better with stones and mystical jewelry. If you love rose quartz, you also might give it a try to experience simplicity and elegance. 


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