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The most commonly used dress shirt used by men for causal dressing is pent along with a t-shirt. Check out these different types.

Different T-Shirt Types Every Man Should Know

The most commonly used dress shirt used by men for causal dressing is pent along with a t-shirt. There is a great variety of t-shirts in the market. The trend of t-shirt keeps on changing.  As time passes designers keep on introducing new t-shirts designs and ideas. T-shirts are commonly used by teenage boys for college and university. It’s not only confined to them. Much old age and mature men uses t-shirts along with trousers as a sleeping dress.  According to a survey in the market, t-shirts are the most selling men’s clothing items all over the world. T-shirts are used and sell in every weather. If its winter time full sleeves t-shirts are used for wearing at home or sleeping. In summers Vlone Shirt is used as casual dressing for outdoor activities as well. 

Variety of T-Shirts 

There is a great variety of t-shirts. All men must know about the type of t-shirts –the old fashion and the new ones. Knowledge about every type of T-shirt is essential for everyone. As its one of those clothing items that every man must buy at any stage of life. They can be used for many purposes. If you want to sleep, relax, gym or exercise, you need to buy a t-shirt for yourself.

Plain T-Shirts/Polo Shirts

Some t-shirts come in half sleeves. They are plain and have a pocket at the top. This kind of t-shirts mostly contains a small icon or logo of a specific brand. It is made with collars and is bought by nature men. It is used for casual dressing but looks quite decent. So, the men of age 30 to 40 can wear it for a light walk or a grocery purpose. This type of shirt comes under the section of polo shirts. They are mostly used by men to play games especially tennis as well. 

Printed T-Shirts

Some of the T-shirts that are frequently used by college boys are of different types. These kinds of t-shirts are with round neck and half sleeves. They come in a variety of colors. Mostly men like to buy them in a funky color. They are used by the boys to have a cool look. They are mostly printed. These kinds of t-shirts are suitable for the teenager and young boys. They look good on them. Most of the brands like Vlone have kept these kinds of t-shirts in the college wear section. These kinds of T-shirts have a peculiar property and dual nature. They can be used by both men and women.

Half Sleeves T-Shirts

Half sleeves plain t-shirts are used by the people who go to a gym or a walk. They are comfortable along with being simple and plain.  These kinds of t-shirts also have a good selling rate and come under the casual wearing section. Full sleeves plain t-shirts are also available in the market. 


There are many types of t-shirts in the market. All men must know about them. There are many other types of shirts as well. For example, dress shirts, top shirts, rugby shirts, and sweatshirts. The types and variety of t-shirts in the age of 2021 are very vast. You need to focus and select the type of shirts you want to wear. Always check your comfort level and age group before choosing the type of T-shirt. You must know about the variety of all t-shirts in the market. So that you can better decide which one you want to buy. If you want to see it you can visit and check different brands selling men’s shirts. Analyze the section-wise. 

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