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Your body changes after crossing middle age, with a little flab at the wrong places. Here are some casual styling hacks for forty-plus men.

Casual Styling Hacks For Men Over Forty

Stepping on the other side of the forties often makes people more confident and comfortable in their skin. But men may face more sartorial challenges, specifically when dressing for casual occasions. You want to look classy without missing out on the fun element, but balancing both can be tricky. However, you should be as dynamic and adventurous as your younger self. But a little restraint can help you achieve your style goals effectively. Here are some casual styling hacks for forty-plus men looking to ace the look. 

Prioritize best fits

Your body changes after crossing middle age, with a little flab at the wrong places. Sticking to the usual size is the worst mistake because it can highlight the extra pounds around your midriff. But avoid going for a larger size as it may make you appear bulkier than your actual size. Wearing perfect fits should be on top of your mind, regardless of the occasion. Invest in a new casual wardrobe with the perfect size. 

Do not give up on colors

Men over forty prefer subtle hues to look more sophisticated. But stylists recommend that you shouldn’t give up on colors altogether because wearing dull shades can make you appear longer. In fact, you must experiment with bright hues on casual occasions because they look playful and vibrant. But remember to balance the brightness of your tees with lighter shades for the bottom wear.

Wear easy clothing

Whether you are twenty or forty, you must wear easy clothing on casual outings. It is a rule of thumb every man must stick with. Stock up on cargos in your wardrobe because they look good and feel comfortable, making them just right for casual styling. You can pair them with a well-fitted tee or shirt for no-fuss dressing. Wear your favorite pair of sneakers and a cap to steal the show. The more comfortable you feel, the classier you look!

Find a good tailor

Weight fluctuations are common for aging men, so finding a good tailor is a no-brainer. You can rely on them to ensure the right fits for your outfits. The best thing about finding a tailor is that you need not discard your clothes every time they become a few inches loose or tight. Another valuable tip is not to build a huge wardrobe but stick with a capsule concept to achieve more with less.

Go easy on accessories

Men do not have much choice in accessories, so they want to make the most of them. But go easy on accessories when it comes to after-forty casual styling. Avoid too much jewelry because it can look loud and chunky. You can wear a luxury watch if you love flaunting your accessories. Stick with simple shoes, and choose a cap matching your outfit to add a fun element to your look.

Casual styling for men after forty requires a delicate balance, but you can ace it easily by sticking with your personal style. Just be extra-conscious about fits, and you are good to go! 

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