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5 Ways to Style Outfits Based on Your Shoes

Shoes should not be underestimated in their power to complete any outfit. Over the years, fashion trends regarding what is acceptable and considered stylish have come and gone. Instead of keeping up with the latest trends, try these five ways to style outfits based on your shoes. 

People think of creating an impressive outfit for dinner parties and weddings, but the reality is you can dress to impress for any occasion. Before you know it, you will have people at the gym asking you where you got your outfit and matching Skechers Shoes. If you want to look good while working out or while attending class, follow these simple techniques and stand out from the crowd. 

Darker Shade Of Shoes

Although this technique is somewhat more subtle than the others on this list, it can be very effective. It helps break up the outfit without the risk of them not matching. By choosing an outfit that is a slightly lighter shade than your shoes, you prevent the risk of the colors clashing. 

This can be done for casual and smart dress codes. Choose a bright red dress with cherry red heels. Simple yet highly effective! It’s easier on the eyes and lets people know you care about how you present yourself.

Outfits That Are A Slightly Different Color 

Another way to style your outfit based on your shoes is to choose an outfit that is slightly different in color from your shoes. An example of doing this effectively can be seen by Kate Middleton, who rocked a dark blue dress with polka dots. She wore a pair of heels that were a different type of blue which complemented the outfit without causing any clashing of colors. 

This technique is slightly easier than finding an outfit that is the same color but a lighter shade than your shoes which makes it much more achievable. Next time you are putting together an outfit, try finding something that is close to the color of the shoes you have chosen and see how it looks.

Different Material & Color Of Shoes

You should avoid matching the material and color of your outfit with your shoes. This is because it can give the impression that you have used the same drapes to create both the dress and the shoes you are wearing; this is never a good look. What you should do instead is try matching the color but ensure the outfit is a different material to the shoes. 

For example, if your shoes have a metallic finish, perhaps find a dress made from velvet. This way, the colors match up nicely, giving the impression that they have both been made from the same piece of cloth.

Don’t Shy Away From Matching Patterns

If you find an outfit that has a similar pattern and color to your shoes, don’t shy away from pairing them up. This style usually produces the boldest of statements which will have heads turning all night long. If you are wearing a pair of leopard print heels, why not complement the look with an eye-catching leopard print dress. 

Next time you are rummaging through your wardrobe for an outfit to match your patterned shoes, look for something that is similar in appearance. After you wear this combination once, you will be left wondering why you haven’t been matching patterns for all these years.

Be Bold With New Styles

Many people think that matching your outfit to your shoes should only be done for special occasions and events. It is true that it is much more common to put a lot of thought into a special outfit for something like a ball or a wedding however, it doesn’t need to be strictly for this type of event only. 

Matching outfits to shoes in more casual looks are not done enough, and many people are missing out on the opportunity to look their best whilst they go about their everyday lives. You should never be afraid to try out new styles. Next time you are putting an outfit together for something as simple as taking a trip to the shops, try matching it with the shoes you are thinking about wearing. You will not only look your best, but you will also feel your best, and who doesn’t like to feel good at all times throughout the day.

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