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Personal styles reimagined with Sleeper's Dresses: linen, party or just pretty ones, maybe Sleeper mini dresses, all suiting you perfectly.

Luxury like never before: Sleeper’s Dresses to make life better

A dress in autumn or even winter? Why not, as long as it’s one of Sleeper’s Dresses! Even autumn colds can’t stop you from being amazing.

sleeper's dresses

What’s so special about the brand? Its clothes are:

  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Affordable

What’s most important, Sleeper’s garments are able to make a lady stand out in a good way. Let’s briefly outline the essence of Sleeper for those unfamiliar with it. Most often it is referred to as a “walking sleepwear manufacturer” and that’s perfectly true. 

Who would have thought back in the 2010s that a lady in pajamas could be any party’s star or draw admiring looks at a business meeting? In fact, Sleeper products are as interesting as the history of the company.

sleeper's dresses

Sleeper appeared in Kyiv in 2014, it was founded by two ex-fashion magazine editors, namely Kate Zubareva and Asya Varetsa. The inspiration came from the Curly Sue movie where there was a woman wearing pajamas. 

The idea might have seemed bold at the time but as the company started offering ladies all over the world an opportunity to put on a freshly and interestingly looking image, recognition was quick to arrive. 

Nowadays, the most well-known fashion publications like Vogue, for instance, praise Sleeper for the quality of their garments and a masterful combination of comfort and style. Besides, Sleeper is the 2017 garment of the year winner which only proves what we already stated.

sleeper's dresses

What is Sleeper today? It’s more than 160 models of garments ethically crafted by professional seamstresses. Affordability of luxury clothes? Yes, it’s definitely us too! The lowest prices begin with about $60, making comfortable and quality women’s clothes more affordable.

sleeper's dresses

Look ravishing in Sleeper’s mini dresses, pajamas, or any other Sleeper garment 

So, what does offer to ladies? As we already mentioned, it all started with making pajamas in which a woman could have a good time at home, have a meeting with friends and do whatever she pleases outdoors as well. 

Today, the production isn’t limited to just pajamas but there are Sleeper’s Dresses of various kinds and shoes too. It would take an article much bigger than this one to describe everything the company has to offer in detail. So, this time we would like to concentrate on the brand’s dresses. 

Let’s start with something general for all the garments by Sleeper. They have always been eager to give customers a variety to choose from so that they could decide what suits them most on their own.

sleeper's dresses

Over the past years, Sleeper has created quite a collection of garments, featuring various color patterns and guaranteeing that everyone will find their sizes. XS-XL are the usually available sizes but it’s possible to find XL – XXL models as well.

sleeper's dresses

Let’s take Sleeper mini dresses, for instance. 

1) As with lots of other garments of Sleeper’s, the brand gives preference to such material as linen. It’s Sleeper’s material of choice thanks to its eco-friendliness and biodegradability. 

The company has always cared about how its products affect nature. Most of the mini dresses we offer are presented in such tender colors as lemon, white with daisies, pink, and others.

 The garments are designed to make a lady look aristocratic but bring about a grain of fun and naughtiness at the same time. No man can resist such a lady, mischievous and aristocratic at the same time.

sleeper's dresses

2) Wouldn’t it be great to own not just a mini dress but also a couple of accessories going perfectly with the dress? Let us give you some advice on what could look great with the brand’s clothing pieces. 

Many women’s favorite Sleeper accessories going greatly with dresses are bags and gloves. Why not combine the mini dress in Navy with a Bambola mini bag in black? Definitely, this could be any lady’s chance to draw her friends and other people’s attention, make useful connections and simply produce a perfect first impression.

sleeper's dresses

Variety of Sleeper’s Dresses, pajamas, and luxury outfits: choose what you please

Mini dresses are just one of the items a customer can find in the Sleeper collection. A linen dress is a really wide notion especially when it comes to dealing with Sleeper. The brand treats the quality and variety of products as the most basic and undeniable principles. So, we’d like to briefly outline what else Sleeper offers to its buyers. 

1) It’s been the company’s main principle since the very beginning that a lady buyer should be able to find an outfit for any occasion among the Sleeper stock. No matter, if it’s a party, meeting with friends, or just watching a film at home, the company always has what to offer. 

2) Surely, anyone creates his or her own style, so, besides mini dresses, one is free to pick the outfit of their dreams from Sleeper’s collection of lounge dresses, Atlanta, or slip-ons. Our stock also features cardigans, linen suits, Athpleasure sets. It’s unlikely that you won’t manage to choose something, for the variety is great and so is the quality.

sleeper's dresses

Sleeper’s Dresses or pajamas? Linen suits or cardigans? Try them all!

It’s undeniable that we like comfort and since 2014 Sleeper has been doing its best to make it easiest for you to find the most comfortable and pretty dresses or any other garments. 

Each of Sleeper’s customers is unique and knows best what fits him or her. Well, take your time and choose carefully! No matter whether you want to buy a cool present or shine brightly at one of the upcoming New Year parties – Sleeper is always there for its customers, and eager to stay with you wherever you go!

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