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Shoulder Length Haircuts: Celebrity-Inspired Holiday Guide

Looking for a holiday hairstyle that’s going to make you the talk of the evening?
Well, you are at the right place. Consider getting shoulder-length haircuts!
These styles are perfect for a smooth transition that will not change your appearance entirely and are best for the holidays because they are festive and easy to style!
We’ve gathered some of our favorite celebrity-inspired styles to help you choose the perfect shoulder-length haircuts for your face shape and holiday festivities.
Read on and learn about shoulder-length haircuts that will make you look glamorous and chic this season with our celebrity-inspired holiday guide!

Benefits of Shoulder Length Haircuts
Shoulder-length haircuts are the perfect option for anyone looking for a style that is easy to maintain, versatile, and will allow them to make a smooth transition from their current length.
They are also perfect for any occasion, from everyday casual wear to special events. Here are some of the benefits of having shoulder-length haircuts:

  • They are easy to style and can be worn in various ways.
  • They are perfect for any occasion.
  • They are versatile and can adapt to any hair type.
  • They are perfect for any age group.

Different Types of Shoulder Length Haircuts
There are so many types of shoulder-length haircuts to choose from that it can take a lot of work to know where to start. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

  • The Blunt Cut
    One of the most popular types of shoulder-length haircuts is the blunt cut. This style cuts the hair straight across at the bottom, creating a bold, no-fuss look.
  • Follow Brazilian Blowout Sydney to get more info about hair treatment and straightening your hair.This is a great alternative for those who want a low-maintenance style with a trendy look.
  • The Layered Cut
    If you’re looking for hairstyles with a little more glam, why not try a layered cut? These shoulder-length haircuts are perfect for adding movement and dimension to your hair.
    The best thing is layers can be added to any haircut at any time, so it’s the best option for those who love to switch up their styles from time to time.
    If you want to learn how to wear shoulder-length haircuts, read How To Wear Shoulder Length Hair Styles?
  • The Side Swept Bangs
    Last but not least, we have side-swept bangs for shoulder-length cuts. This style is amazing for those who want to add personality to their look.
    Side-swept bangs can be worn with any haircut, but they look best on shoulder-length haircuts and are perfect for switching up your style for a fun and trendy look!

Tips for Styling Shoulder Length Haircuts

  • Short on time? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. These tips will help you style your shoulder-length haircuts in no time.
  • Start by towel drying your hair, but don’t use a brush use a wide-tooth comb.
  • Apply a styling product to wet hair, and by using your hands, distribute it evenly.
  • Blow-dry your hair using a diffuser, ensuring the air flows in all directions at all times to get the perfect look.
  • Finish with a light serum or oil to tame any flyaways and give your hair some shine.

Celebrity-Inspired Looks for Shoulder Length Haircuts
If you need help deciding what style to wear with your shoulder-length hair, take inspiration from these celebrities.
They all have different takes on the classic shoulder-length bob, and each one looks fabulous.

  • Jennifer Aniston
    We all know how elegant, stylish, and trendy our very own Jennifer Aniston looks. And her shoulder-length haircuts are no exception in making her our all-time favorite! Her stylist creates soft waves by wrapping sections of hair around a large-barrel curling iron, then finishes with a shine-enhancing serum that looks absolutely stunning.
  • Halle Berry
    For so long, Halle Berry was known to sport pixie haircuts. But at the 2020 Academy Awards, her look was completely transformed.
    Her new mid-length hair with soft curls framing her face was the talk of the town. We love this gorgeous style because she is the reason why ladies are going for longer alternatives these days!
  • Sandra Bullock
    If you want a sleek and straight look, take cues from Sandra Bullock for your next shoulder-length haircut.
    Her stylist starts by applying a straightening cream to damp hair, then blow-dries it with a paddle brush.
    Once it’s dry, he flat irons it in sections to eliminate any remaining kinks.
  • Jessica Alba
    Jessica Alba always looks magnificent, and we love her outstanding bob hairstyle!
    These shoulder-length haircuts and layers are incredible because they offer texture, depth, and structure to your tresses while preventing them from appearing flat and one-dimensional.
    Her stylist begins by spraying her damp hair with a volumizing mist to get these voluminous waves.
    He then blow-dries it using a round brush, and once it’s dry, he curls small sections with a large-barrel curling iron.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cutting Shoulder Length Hair
There are a few common mistakes people make when getting shoulder length haircuts. Here are a few things to avoid:

  • Don’t go too short because shoulder-length haircuts should still graze your shoulders; otherwise, it’ll look odd.
  • Avoid choppy layers because layers, as we know, can add texture and volume to your hair, but choppy layers will make your hair look messy.
  • Don’t overdo it with the bangs. Bangs can be a great way to change your look, but they should complement your face shape. 

If you have a round face, avoid straight-across bangs, as they make your face look wider.

Whether you’re looking to chop off a few inches or want to change your style, we’ve got you covered with this celebrity-inspired shoulder-length haircuts guide.
Check out these looks, get some inspiration, and book an appointment with your stylist!
Or visit Paula Young® to get hair extensions and wigs that will allow you to get many more styles effortlessly; the choice is yours!

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