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Are you looking for a good pair of bell-bottoms? Here's how you can shop for vintage clothes whether you're looking online or at your local store!

The Best Way To Shop for Vintage Clothes

Every day we see a new trend pop out from somewhere – ripped jeans, plush heels, etc. But the thing is – they’re a fad, and you’ll spend hundreds of dollars on following it, and then in a year or so puff – it’s gone. But vintage is still “in”! 

Even after so many years, there are vintage pieces that we wear today. You can see many people walking the streets in an 80s bomber jacket or some 90s overalls – they’re evergreen pieces! So how can you shop for vintage? Where can you find vintage clothing for sale? Let’s get you the answers.

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Old is Gold

People are obsessed with everything new that they don’t see the damage it creates. Fast fashion constantly asks for more. And the more clothes you buy, the more pieces you have which you’ll wear once or not at all. And the pile stacks until you throw them out.

So why not try vintage?

Instead of throwing out clothes, why not find something you’ll be wearing for many years? Vintage works on the circular economy system, so you can recycle and reuse a mid-condition piece and create a truly unique wardrobe. This is the beauty of vintage – it is unbounded and leaves space to express your creativity and style!

shop vintage clothes

Where to Shop for Vintage Clothing?

Today, there are many places where you can buy vintage clothes. It all depends on whether you want to walk around and do it the old-fashioned way or sit in front of your computer and order. 

Whatever you choose, below are a few ideas where you can search for vintage clothing.

Flea markets

If you have a flea market around your area, you’re in luck! There must be a vintage items seller on one of the stalls. Aside from clothing, you can find various vintage goods like bags, jewelry, and even furniture. Get your bargaining skills ready and go shopping!

Thrift shops

In these places, not only can you find a good vintage wardrobe, but it will be at a discount too. Thrift shops sell second-hand pieces that are usually mid-condition or practically new.

shop vintage clothes

Vintage shops

Vintage shops have everything you want from any previous era! Vintage boutiques are small, so they usually specialize in a particular period or clothing. But on the plus side, neophytes can ask the seller for help.


When you don’t want to go around shopping, you can always sit in front of your laptop and dig around the Internet for your favorite vintage piece. There are hundreds of online vintage stores, so type in what you want, and you have it! However, the disadvantage is that you can’t try it out, so you’ll have to make the right choice.

shop vintage clothes

Tips and Tricks for Vintage Shopping

Now that you know where to find good vintage pieces, you need to know how to look for the good ones. It’s not as easy as you might think, so here are some tips that will get you on the right track.

Be Open-Minded

Vintage equals uniqueness, so it’s tough to find several pieces that are the same. If you set your mind on one specific thing, it might be impossible to find it, so you’ll just end up disappointed. 

That is why you need to have an open mind when buying vintage clothing. Just get a general picture of what you want and start searching.

shop vintage clothes

Plastic is a NO

Never, under any circumstances, leave your clothes in a plastic bag for a long time. The wrap will gather the moisture from the air and lock it inside. Plus, this material won’t let the clothes breathe, which means they will suffer big time!

Check the piece

Before purchasing it, make sure that the piece doesn’t have any damage. Naturally, vintage clothes can’t be flawless. But there we’re talking a few loose stitches or a missing button or two. 

If you see yellowing parts, fraying silk, or stained clothes, then it’s better to steer clear of them. These might be irreparable or can cost you much more to fix them. 

Another thing is to check the fabric and label -always!. You never know if someone is selling you a knock-off.

shop vintage clothes

Try, Try, and Then Try Some More

Unlike new clothes, vintage garments have different sizes than what we wear today. In some eras, they had smaller waists or required bullet bras; some were designed to be worn with a cage crinoline, and so on. 

So you have to understand that some pieces won’t look as good without those small details, and this is why just liking a piece won’t cut it. You have to try it and see if and what you can fix to get it to your measurements. 

Start Simple

If you’re new to buying vintage clothes, starting with some simple pieces that you can combine with your everyday look will be your best choice. You don’t have to rush it and immediately jump into a 60s dress with a drop waist and white collars. 

Step by step – a 60s denim jacket sounds like a good start!

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Don’t Overdo it

Shopping, in general, can take hours. And when on a vintage shopping spree, this can take almost half your day. Because of their originality, finding something as remotely close to what you want or need takes time. 

So set a time limit. Take 40 minutes in one store, look around it, and go and try what you’ve taken so far after the time’s up. Slowly, you’ll start building your vintage wardrobe.

shop vintage clothes

Going Vintage

Vintage is about expressing yourself. You don’t have to follow any trend or go for something that everyone else is wearing. Combine the old with the new and create a style that would definitely make you stand out among the rest. 

Because as they say – life is too short to wear boring clothes!

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