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Sebastian Cruz Couture on How Fashion Can Make a Statement

According to the team at Sebastian Cruz Couture, making a fashion statement is not difficult. This couple, Cesar and Natasha Cruz are the positive influence behind the creations and concepts that continue to pioneer and shape the ever-evolving fashion industry – what they have been doing since they founded the company in 2013.

Being Unique

Today, Sebastian Cruz Couture is known for having filled several gaps in the fashion market. Their unique offerings include their famous hand-crocheted pocket squares, stylish suit jackets in luxurious fabrics, digital styling for their clients, and their trademark company logo that resembles an infinity sign. Natasha Cruz says: “Making a fashion statement is all about making the right choice of clothes so that you stand out enough to make people pay attention.”

Working at being unique requires business knowledge, a vision, and hard work. Their clients want that look that is different from everyone else, and each collection aims to offer innovative and bold styles, fabrics, and designs, catering for full head-to-toe looks or mix and match designs.

Sebastian Cruz Couture understands that their clients, who include some of the most fashion-savvy celebrities, want to make a statement, and they intend to always cater to their needs.

Fast Fashion Trends

It is impossible to reach the same level of confidence and make a statement dressed in fast fashion alone. Clothing and fabric quality are compromised, and everyone ends up looking the same. With this in mind, Sebastian Cruz Couture sourced the best mill partners in Europe to design the best fabrics and moved its manufacturing units to Europe. They offer a fast fashion approach that doesn’t rely on seasonal collections. They launch items all year round, often once a month. Every collection of dinner jackets competes equally with creations by Dolce and Gabbana and Tom Ford, making them sought after pieces for events and weddings.

Social Media Branding

Cesar Cruz is an entrepreneur with years of experience in digital branding, and he saw the opportunities in the fashion world long before anyone else did. “Our social media strategy was successful right from the start when we were producing our innovative pocket squares. We tried franchising at that point, operating from various independent stores and retail locations, but then saw the opportunity to design and sell full head-to-toe looks. We let the contracts expire to focus on the new concept,” says Cesar Cruz. He continues, “From before it became fashionable, I always said that the traditional runway shows were sooner or later going to have to change, and we were going to try things differently.”

From its inception, their online store immediately attracted loyal customers and new ones. Here they can browse the collection and shop according to custom sizes. This is a blending of the fast-fashion approach with the feel of designer items. Clients are offered a full service that includes styling tips, making it easy for them to match separates to their fashion and styling needs.

Fit is Vital

Sometimes clients are wary of shopping online because they are scared of the fit. According to Sebastian Cruz Couture, well-fitted clothes are important for anyone wanting to make a statement. On their online store, they concentrate on two important aspects. Firstly, existing customers have a customer pattern file, while the site also makes it easy for new customers to take their measurements and find their size. Secondly, they want everyone to feel comfortable in their creations as if they were made especially for them and not someone else. That is the reason why the models in their Instagram posts never show their faces.

Final Take

Cesar and Natasha Cruz are both founders of the luxury menswear brand Sebastian Cruz Couture, but they are also partners in life. They are each excellent in their area of expertise, and together the entrepreneur-designer and stylist-designer are ahead of their time in the fashion industry. 

This power couple is passionate about family, friends, and their countries of birth, Puerto Rico and Russia. They also believe in being there for every step of the way for their customers by  educating, inspiring and empowering, hence their brand’s symbol that resembles an infinity sign.

When not designing their new collection or spending time with their family and friends, their thoughts and efforts are with disadvantaged communities and animals in need. Their favorite charities include Wonder Paws, Feeding America and St. Jude.

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