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If you want to build a nail salon franchise, here are some more insights to help you step into this industry after thinking through all the aspects.

5 Things you should never do at the Nail Salon

It takes us a while to come around to perfect nail care. In the beginning, many of us don’t understand how impactful perfect nails can be. Since they are such a delicate affair, good nail technicians charge a hefty amount to give your nails the enrichment they need. It comes as no surprise that most of us would like to invest in good nail care that lasts a long time. 

However, going to the best nail salons is not as easy as it may seem. For instance, cheap nail salons are very homely and laid-back. On the other hand, 5-star nail salons, have high-maintenance nail technicians with strict professionalism. Top-rated nail salons can be scary places if you’ve not been to one before. 

There are too many protocols, and the technicians talk to you about your nails as a dentist would about bad oral hygiene. If this feels scary, you should know the top 5 things you should never do at the nail salon, cheap or not. Before that, search for nail salon Sunny Isles and read reviews of previous customers of each one. It will help you to decide which one to choose.

Value Your Nail Salon

The biggest and most important protocol at expensive nail salons is the discipline of the art. This means you can’t see it as a casual self-care day. Remember, you have to respect your technician, their representatives, and most of all, the art of nail care. However, this doesn’t mean you have to read a thesis on nail salons. Just be on your best behavior, similar to what you would tell a kid on their first day of school. 

Thus, if you have a lot of queries, have a five-minute conversation with your technician to resolve the basics. Moving on, if you have special requests during the procedure, keep your etiquette in mind. Most of all, always know that the professionals have your best interest at heart, and all you have to be is grateful!

Prepare yourself before the visit

Another thing professionals dislike is how casually people can take a visit to the nail salon. These people have to sit with you for hours, and they cannot put up their best professional front if you’ve just arrived from a sweaty work day at the office. Hence, take time to relax on your own before you visit the salon. Turn on the music, take a nice shower, scrub your feet, and sweaty hot zones, and devote an entire day to absolute self-care. By the rule, there shouldn’t be any problem in this step. 

Don’t stay on the phone 

There shouldn’t be a need to say that your technician deserves to have quality time while working as well. For instance, we all have those frustrating days at work when our boss treats us like human robots with no sense of dignity. Remember, you are going to someone’s workspace, they look forward to their clients aka you! So, get off the phone, take interest in the work your technician is doing, ask them about their day, etc. By all means, ask them- “Hey, what are the 5 things we shouldn’t do at a nail salon?”

Don’t make it too personal

Yes, this is a self-care day, and yes it is about you, but you don’t need other people to validate that! We want you to have the best time at your nail salon and maybe form some precious friendships. It would be a little awkward to share juicy details or lifelong traumas with your technician. Not to say you cannot tell them to a technician, it’s a piece of very subtle advice. To clarify, your nail expert puts their highest concentration on your specific needs and heavy conversations will easily distract them. So, while you can talk about the last Beyonce concert, think before diving into your trip to Ibiza.

Don’t Forget to Tip

I know, you are going to an expensive salon, you already gave everything due to their service, so why spend more? Well, this is exactly what a tip is, it is going the extra mile, handing over the money you shouldn’t have to. Altogether, it is the best way to acknowledge your new nail technician friend. Moreover, if you come back again, you will be the first one to know about the newest nail trends, and secret nail care tips, and you will be a part of the nail salon club! It is a beautiful gesture that will return your favor tenfold.


As far as nail salon etiquettes go, this little article will cover all your basic knowledge requirements. Quickly skimp through them again and don’t worry too much if a point seems difficult. 

You are human and you will take your time adjusting to a high-profile 5-star nail salon atmosphere. However, the article will help you avoid some mistakes that may leave a bad first impression on your new nail joint. To sum up, you are a wonderful person, and all you have to do is shine your light as you sit in a plush recliner. 

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