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12 must-buy Tudor watches in 2021

Tudor is an affiliate of Rolex, founded in 1946 by Hans Wilsdorf, with the objective of offering customers a cheaper option that would evoke the same performance and consistency as the parent company. Tudor’s main objective is quite simple: to provide customers with luxury watches of the same reliability and quality as Rolex, but at a more affordable price. Essentially, Tudor aims to serve as a cheaper alternative to luxury watch lovers who want to have a Rolex watch but cannot afford one.

Selecting a Tudor watch means you’ll be able to get quality, reliability, and style. Like other luxury brands, Tudor watches are mass-produced using high-tech methods. In addition, the watches are subject to demanding quality measures. Not a single Tudor watch leaves the factory until the company is pleased with its quality. Here is the list of Tudor’s best watches you can buy.

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay S&G

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay S&G is clearly linked to Steel since it has similar date complications and movements. It’s also the first and only two-tone model in manufacturing. The S&G comes to life once it’s put on the strap that comes with the watch.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay

This watch is a tribute to the Rolex submariners, and just like the Submariners of the 50s and 60s, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay does not have a date function. Acquiring a Tudor watch means you’re buying from a respected and admired luxury brand, but going explicitly to the Tudor Heritage means you’re going to get a watch that’s proud of classic and timeless design.

Tudor Pelagos

Buying a Tudor Pelagos means that you choose the best divers to watch that Tudor can offer. In actuality, Tudor Pelagos could be ranked as one of the best diver’s watches produced today in the Swiss luxury watch industry. The Pelagos is made of titanium, which makes it light on the wrist and comfortable to put on. The watch is proud of its water-resistance of about 1640 feet.

The Tudor Black Bay 36

Black Bay 36 deviates from the other Black Bay watches because of its smaller size. At 36 mm, it gives a greater change from the 43 mm and 41 mm standards—allowing more collectors to purchase the Black Bay. Moreover, because of its similarity to the Rolex Explorer, it is also a departure in terms of style. It’s because it drops the rotating bezel and adopts a polished case, giving it a simplified and utilitarian look. In addition, it uses a shiny black dial as opposed to a matte dial on other devices.

Tudor North Flag

This watch epitomizes sporty lines, a movement made by Tudor, and hybrid ceramic materials. The North Flag embodies the essence of the wristwatch that stimulated its existence; it is also the model worn by British North Greenland in 1952.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Chrono

The Chrono is certainly one of the most controversial Tudors in the brand’s history. It seems to be a complicated watch: not only from the point of view of design but also from the point of view of the wider industry. The Chrono appears to have been derived, at least aesthetically, from Black Bay Steel. The similarity to the Black Bay is because of the presence of red writing to indicate the depth and the date complication. It provides on all levels by relying on its slick design, movement, quality, and heritage.

Tudor Black Bay GMT

The Tudor Black Bay GMT was likely the most significant watch to be made in 2018. This watch is a historic model for the Tudor since it is the first GMT movement of the company and also the first GMT complication offered under the famous Black Bay line.

Tudor Black Bay Steel

It has a fabric strap that makes it even more attractive. Thematically, Black Bay Steel does something out of the ordinary for the Black Bay model: it’s really innovative. You have no chance of finding unwanted vintage touches on this watch except, of course, the bracelet that has been replaced by a bold steel bezel and red writing on the dial.

Tudor Black Bay Dark

In simple terms, the Black Bay Dark is incredibly beautiful. This watch is by far the most threatening of the Black Bay series because of its black bezel and dial with red writing, and the black PVD coat that embraces its bracelet and case. This watch is also proud of the new MT-5602 movement.

Tudor Black Pelagos 2.0

The Pelagos is the standard holder of Tudor’s contemporary dive watches, which serve as the most modern alternative to the Black Bay brand. However, unlike the Black Bay, the Pelagos includes cutting-edge construction materials such as the titanium case and the ceramic bezel. Design-wise, it’s a watch with both feet firmly in the present society, yet it hasn’t deserted the snowflake heritage.

The Tudor Heritage Advisor

The Tudor Heritage Advisor is, from a horological, historical, and stylistic point of view, the most intriguing wristwatch ever made by the brand. It’s also the only alarm watch that Tudor has ever produced. The watch is proud of a fascinating movement, an interesting history, and an amusing design. In fact, this watch has a very complex dial: the most complex dial ever produced by Tudor. This is because of the complication of its alarm feature since much of the complexity of the dial is geared towards the realization of that function.

Tudor Black Bay 2.0

The Black Bay is probably Tudor’s most popular modern watch. It does not come as a surprise, since it is based on the assemblage of the best watches in Tudor’s past. Lately, Tudor has opted to modify the original models by changing the bracelet, the dial, and adding an in-house movement. However, the company has changed little in this case. It is still 41 mm, a terrific size for a watch and a 14.88 mm thickness.


If you’re on the high-end wristwatch market, you must consider Tudor. This luxury watch brand made watches available at lower price points than their expensive counterparts, but still delivers superior craftsmanship that made the brand notable. The brand offers a lot of ruggedly handsome looks for men and also makes watches that are built for heavy-duty wear.

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