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Make Heads Turn With The Best Colored Diamond Jewelry

Colored diamond jewelry has been skyrocketing in popularity over the years, including through both celebrities and everyday people. Whether it’s a bracelet, ring, necklace, or earring, they are one of the most beautiful ways to express yourself with any outfit.

If you’d like to learn more about colored diamond jewelry, like those available at Astteria, continue reading this article for more information on what the best colored diamonds are for jewelry,  whether they hold their value, and if they fade over time.

What’s The Best Grade For Coloured Diamonds In Jewelry?

It’s up to you what type of color grade you want to choose for your diamond jewelry, or at least what your preferences are. This includes the color itself. Still, many recommendations should be considered for the best diamond color in jewelry before making a final decision.

The most recommended type of color grade in diamonds, regardless of color, is Z. This is because it has the most prominent color presence. Many customers choose this type of color grade because of its expense rate and overall value. The same goes for the S color grade.   

If you’re looking for a less prominent color for your diamond jewelry, color grades D through to J or M are your best bet. It ranges from near colorless to faint, meaning the color is less in your face and more delicate to the eyes.

To get a better idea of what type of diamond color grade for jewelry, be sure to talk to an expert, so you can acquire enough knowledge of what to look for, what’s recommended for you, and what’s trending at the moment.

Do Colored Diamond Jewelry Pieces Hold Their Value?

If you’re looking to purchase in terms of value and are wondering whether these gemstones retain their price over the years, then you’re in luck. Because colored diamonds are low in quantity and are gradually disappearing and being turned into jewelry, their value will only increase over time.

Unlike many other types of gemstones, alongside gold and other related metals, diamonds, loose or not, and their jewelry counterparts will never lose their value. They will not only continuously be stable but are also more likely to increase.    

It has been found that round-colored diamond is also more likely to hold their value and increase pricing over time than emerald cut or oval. This also applies to their jewelry counterparts.

The value of colored diamond jewelry, like those from Astteria, will always hold, no matter what. Diamonds themselves are already difficult to get out of the mines successfully. Only 50% are qualified to be registered as high-quality diamonds, and even less of a percentage when they’re colored.

Does Colored Diamond Jewelry Fade Over Time?

If you’re interested in purchasing colored diamond jewelry and worrying whether it will fade over time, then you’ll be happy to know that diamonds do not fade. This is thanks to how they are later enhanced and generally created.

The way that these colored diamonds are enhanced is by heating or irradiating them through special means, like a process called HPHT, high pressure, high temperature. This temperature is known to be greater than 150°C or 300°F with a 69 MPa pressure. This also applies to colorless diamonds and exposing them through the same means to produce a color.

It should be noted that even without this method procured on diamonds, they will not fade as they are the type of gemstone that lasts lifetimes. The process just helps ensure that the colored diamond will last and not fade.

As long as you take care of the colored diamonds and the jewelry it’s attached to, cleaning the grime and dirt away, your jewelry will not only not fade but will last longer and increase sales value by a lot.

Final Thoughts

Colored diamond jewelry pieces, like those at Astteria, are truly beautiful. Many people have been buying them for themselves and as gifts for others too. They are one of the most valuable gemmed jewelry pieces and can be considered great personal investments.

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