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Whether you're going out for a night on the town or getting cozy at home, dress up your holiday season by trying these lash extension looks!

Beautiful Lash Extension Looks For The Holidays

The holiday season is in full force, and you have prepped, cooked, shopped, and wrapped all the gifts. Now all that is left is to get ready to meet everyone at all the office and family gatherings during the holidays. 

Whether office Christmas parties to Hanukkah celebrations. From meeting the family of your new love to celebrating with your single friends, you are going to be quite a busy bee, flitting from one social gathering to the next.

You have probably picked out all your outfits, decided on the makeup looks, and are ready to dazzle. Yet, the one thing that you should consider adding to your beauty armor is eyelash extensions.

lash extension

The perfect accessory for all your holiday goddess looks. If you are still on the fence about getting the hottest beauty accessory and consider professional lash extensions to be the same as the so-called — Fake eyelashes — then read on to know why your natural lash deserves lash extensions.

lash extension

Why Get Eyelash Extensions For The Holiday Season?

Let us all agree about one thing, beauty and looking beautiful is hard work, and the demands of the holiday season to appear glamorous certainly is not an easy task. Luckily, a sure way to go glam for all the family gatherings and other events is by getting a full set of eyelash extensions by experts of Frenchie Lashes to enhance your natural beauty.

Still not convinced? Well, read on to know why the holidays are the perfect time to book an appointment for some much-needed care for your natural lashes and eyebrows and get new lash extensions.

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1. They Look Fabulous On Everyone

Lash extensions are the LBDs of the world of beauty accessories. Whether you have almond-shaped eyes, small eyes, deep-set eyes, or any other unique eyes, there are lashes to bring out the inner model in you.  Eyelash extensions will have a positive impact on your appearance.

They blend in with your natural lash line and lashes, boost the length and volume of your lashes, look great on everyone, and help you create a bold and dramatic look for Christmas and other holidays.

lash extension

2. They Help Save Time

No more poking yourself in the eyes with your mascara wand and praying for matching eyeliner wings in the mornings as you run around to complete your holiday preparations. Lash extensions add the much-needed volume and length to your lashes.

So no more hassle of dealing with spidery eyelashes or sparse lash line troubles. And all that makeup time that you save can be spent on getting a little extra sleep to have the energy to have fun in the evening.

lash extension

3. They Help Save Money

Lash extensions help you save money. If you are someone who buys false lashes whenever you need them, stop for a moment and consider the cost. Such fake eyelashes are worn only once, plus they are a bit messy to apply, and you are always at a risk of looking like the cast from Tim Burton’s movies.

The cost of getting a set of mink eyelash extensions that last you all the way till New Year’s Eve and well into the next year is much lower than the cost of getting multiple sets of fake eyelashes.

lash extension

4. They Last Long

Finally, the best part of getting lash extensions is that they last long. Professionally done lashes can last for up to 6 weeks or more with proper lash care and maintenance. So, the lashes that you get for the holiday season can easily last you until January.

lash extension

Beautiful Natural Lashes And Extension Looks For The Season

So now that you are ready to book an appointment and get lash extensions, let us discuss the popular eyelash extensions styles.

lash extension

A. Go Demure With Classic Eyelash Extensions

Go for the perfect girl next door look with the classic eyelash extensions that add a subtle and natural lash beauty to your eyes. This look is perfect for those who want a simple yet noticeable difference to their lashes.

With length matching your natural lashes and a beautiful B or C-type curl, these lash extensions will last you all through the holidays. Pair these lashes with strong brows, and you are all set to be the belle of the ball.

lash extension

B. Let Your Eyes Talk With Hybrid Lash Extensions

For those looking for the perfect eyelash extensions that give you a little extra oomph than the classic set but who are still hesitant to opt for the volume lashes, we have the perfect holiday lash look for you. Ask your lash technician for hybrid eyelash extensions.

These lashes are a perfect balance of the popular classic lash extensions and volume lashes and together create a fuller lash line with a boost in texture. We suggest pairing these eyelash extensions with a dramatic D-type curl to make your eyes the most bewitching in the room.

lash extension

C.  Wow The Room With Volume Eyelash Extensions

Let your strong inner woman shine through with the ‘You cannot look away from my eyes’ kind of volume eyelash extensions. Go for the ultimate full and textural lashes with this dramatic lash look this winter, and become a stunner in all holiday gatherings.

Pair the volume lashes with dramatic smokey eye makeup in rich jewel tones, like emerald green, add a strong and full brow game, and keep the rest of your makeup simple. Channel your inner diva with these lashes in a bold D-type curl to capture hearts with a single glance.

lash extension


This holiday season set a course to look glamorous with lash extensions and wow your admirers at all the parties. Get the New York City runway glam and ring in the new year with dazzle in your eyes. For women in Maricopa, Arizona, the number one place for all their eyelash extensions needs and lash and eyebrow care is Ilashas. 

The expert lash technicians at Ilashas can guide you to the best lash look and provide you with top-notch service. This festive season, treat yourself and give yourself a fabulous ‘New year, new me’ look with a brand new full set of eyelash extensions.

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