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Kids in movies always have the coolest clothes! Check out this list of the most fashionable kids clothes for everyday wardrobe inspiration!

Top movies to inspire your kids’ everyday wardrobe

There is a cult of classic movies that have stuck with us throughout all of our lives. From very old films to some newer productions. The most remarkable things are usually the story, the characters and last but not least the wardrobe. Films can influence whole generations in the way they behave and dress. Here are some of the top movies that can inspire you to select the perfect wardrobe for your children. 

5 Best Movie Inspired-Outfits

Let’s see 5 of the best film-inspired outfits for your kids and even gender-neutral to wear all seasons. 

Home Alone – Winter Clothes for Boys

Home Alone is a well-known American children’s movie classic. Kevin became a generational favorite with his wits and tricks. The movie takes place a few days before Christmas. That is why Kevin, the protagonist, wears mostly pants, winter hats, mittens, and sweaters. 

A pair of long loose pants will have your little one feeling cozy and comfortable, the best colors are khaki, green, or black. A fitted light sweater as a first layer should match perfectly with an oversized coat. 

The recommended colors are white, yellow, or green on red. These colors will scream “holiday season” while giving that Home Alone vibe. To complete the look, just get a red and white winter hat with some matching mittens and socks. 

And the good news is you can buy into Kevin’s style at BabyOutlet, one of the top brands loved by thousands of moms and dads. They have an extensive collection of toddler & kids winter clothes that will help you get everything you need to dress like your favorite movie characters. Their products are super affordable and made from soft organic cotton. 

Frozen –  Winter Clothes for Girls

Frozen became a sensation on its release in 2013. The dresses are reminiscent of a fairy tale, in all its princess glory. What’s better cute little girl clothing than some Frozen-inspired outfits for the winter. 

It is recommended to choose knee-length dresses, instead of the movie ankle-length ones. Longer dresses could hinder the mobility of small children, so it’s better to steer away from them. The best colors are icy blue, with some snowflake details on the upper part of the garment. 

This kind of dress will remind you and little girl of the lovely Elsa. To make sure your child is warm, the dress should have long sleeves finished with a blue and white cape. The last touches could be thick tights and ballerina flats for comfort.

A thick pair of leggings with a teal top will be amazing to resemble Anna, due to the color combination. If you are looking for more amazing ideas, check Disney Bound on Instagram.

Annie – Cute Dresses

Annie is another classic that has been done many times in the form of films, and TV shows. One thing is true, once Annie is taken to live a lavish millionaire life, her wardrobe turns into every little girl’s dream. The most iconic of all of her outfits is the red dress with white collars on the sleeves and neck.

The famous red dress has been redesigned to suit more modern standards, but even the original is full of style and looks beautiful today. Another option to keep the classy look, but keep your little girl more comfortable is to find a romper with the same color and details. This way your child can also wear it in her everyday life comfortably.

It is very easy to love the 2014 remake dress as well, with the big bow and versatility. Finding a look-alike for fancy outings should be also a piece of cake.

Richie Rich – Fancy Boyswear

Macaulay Caulkin, better known for his character Kevin is home alone, delivers another classic with Richie Rich. This film aged well, and its wardrobe even better. We can see the protagonist, Richie, wearing fancy suits and other expensive clothes. However, the style to focus on the best is the “relaxed fancy” one.

If you are planning on going to a fancy party with your children, but it’s not elegant enough to dress them in a full suit, this alternative style is perfect. Kids shorts or pants in a light color like white or beige, with a similar color dress shirt are a banging combination. To finish the look, dress your boy in a knitted vest or V-neck t-shirt only in neutral colors. Comfortable and elegant.

Dennis The Menace – Gender- Neutral Everyday Wear 

Dennis the Menace has got to be one of the funniest films to ever enter into children’s movie history. Since Dennis always likes to be around playing, climbing trees and being a kid, he wears mostly super comfortable everyday clothing. The best part, his outfits are very gender-neutral.

While many overalls are hard for kids to manage on their own, especially when they need to use the toilet if potty trained, you can always buy some more friendly options. Overalls with elastic are the absolute best and usually grow with your child for a couple of years before you need to size up. Other options include velcro and snaps.

The Bottom Line

Films are a great source of inspiration for children’s outfits. Home Alone, Frozen, Annie, Richie Rich, and Dennis the Menace are the top 5 for the best kids’ movie clothing. However, the sky’s the limit. Expand your originality into your children’s wardrobe and dress them in the memory of their favorite characters. 

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