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Art is nothing without the people who create it and those who promote it. Learn more about Jiaxin Wu and how she's giving new artists a big platform!

How did Ms. Jiaxin Wu utilize new media channels to promote individuals, brands and the exchange of pop culture?

Three years ago, Ms. Jiaxin Wu successfully promoted many artists including photographers, fashion designers, musicians, and social media influencers by providing them with good representations through media platforms and transforming them from domestic popularity to well-known internationally. 

She also led domestic Chinese fashion brands to appear in the western market by hosting glamorous fashion events and building wide-range media exposures. Nowadays, with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, the pop culture market is facing numerous challenges because of the closures and cancellations in many related industries. 

To turn around the negative impact of the pandemic, Ms. Jiaxin Wu is committed to creating and spreading virtual events, as well as accelerating digital forms of communication through new media platforms against this health crisis. Promoting individuals and brands facilitates Pop Culture activities through New Media Platforms before the pandemic.

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Since 7 years ago Ms. Wu arrived in New York, she has shown her instinct in disseminating pop culture across eastern and western countries. She aimed to empower talents around the world, raise international awareness for brands, and bring East and West together through pop-cultural exchanges including fashion, sports, entertainment, and related fields. 

Thus, she seized every opportunity to participate in pop culture events to discover talented individuals, valuable brands, and companies with potential for big growth.

In the past years, Ms. Wu has played an important role in identifying and promoting talents from different industries, such as Michel Nafziger, a French fashion photographer, Abigail Posner, the Director, U.S. Creative Works at Google, Maricielo J Solis, a digital media entrepreneur, and others.

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She distinguished talents’ outstanding capabilities in their professional industry as well as their need for extensive involvement in public media and other industries. She made connections with various media experts while securing opportunities for these talents to attend high-end events, such as Lily Fashion Conference, Beauty In the Lens Short Film Festival, Brooklyn Nets Chinese Culture Night, etc. 

In addition, Ms. Wu made significant contributions to creating international attention for those Chinese brands that are huge at home, but unknown abroad. She brought Chinese luxury brands Nersiling and Lily Fashion international exposure opportunities through hosting fashion events in New York, distributing press releases, and advertising on social media in the US. 

She utilized her media promotion resources to help those brands become appealing to the western market and more recognizable to the world. What’s more, Ms. Wu produced an interview-based video series Americans React to C-Pop. She led her media group to directly contact and interview many people of different ages and professions in New York.

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She collected those people’s opinions regarding their perspectives on Chinese pop culture, then turned them into an official video series that was widely broadcast on both Chinese and American media platforms. As a result, she successfully delivered the uniqueness of Chinese pop culture to the US market and broadened many Americans’ understanding of Chinese pop culture.

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Post Covid-19 Era: How new media stimulates individuals’ development and digitized pop culture activities

With the rapid spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, pop culture has suffered many impacts. In the music industry, live musical events have been discontinued one after another, and many music-related artists have difficulty maintaining their careers. 

In the Fashion industry, physical runway shows and fashion exhibitions have announced postponements or closures, and many fashion bloggers’ opportunities to work on live events have decreased. 

The sports and entertainment industry also encountered many obstacles as events like NBA had to suspend their season and the reality shows cannot be held as scheduled etc. To respond to these impacts and the change in people’s lifestyles, Ms. Wu brought up the importance of transforming physical engagement through digital platforms.

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She immediately came up with innovative ideas of fully utilizing new media platforms such as live streaming platforms and social media platforms, to continue the functions of those physical activities of music, fashion, entertainment, and so on. 

Therefore, Ms. Wu has devoted herself to launching and promoting virtual events, like New York Fashion Week Talents Award and Uplive Worldstage, which are co-organized by UNIPX MEDIA and UPLIVE.

“If the new media platforms prior pandemic mainly served as the medium of text and pictures, then in the post-pandemic era, it is an important vehicle to deliver digital and virtual messages like videos, short films, and live streamings.” Ms. Wu said.

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Ms. Wu and her team launched the New York Fashion Week Talents Award, a virtual campaign to showcase the talents of up-and-coming influencers. She intended to provide as many opportunities to talents across the world as possible. Thus, she encouraged participants from different backgrounds such as Model, Dancer, Singer, Make-up Artist, Designer, Fashion Influencer, Stylist, etc. 

Ms. Wu also promoted the New York Fashion Week Talents Award by publishing announcements on the event’s official website, advertising on social media platforms, and distributing news on public media channels such as Digital Journal, FashionWeekOnline, and Sleek Magazine. 

She believes this event not only connects talented individuals from all over the world, allows artists to pursue their careers, but it also represents a new form of communication that consists of performance, social interaction, and immersive virtual experience.

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Furthermore, Ms. Wu was dedicated to developing global virtual music platforms. She supported Uplive, one of the largest live streaming platforms to establish a digital event, Worldstage (previously known as Singing for the World). 

She provided various promotion resources for this event through new media platforms, including domestic and foreign news, social media platforms such as Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, etc. With her promotion strategies, 260 million registered users from over 150 countries participated in this platform. 

As a result, she successfully attracted and gathered musicians, artists, performers, and other professionals from all over the world. She effectively improved hundreds of talents’ dilemmas during the pandemic while providing them tremendous opportunities to display themselves on live streaming and on Digital Billboards in New York Times Square.

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These talents include the music graduates of Berklee College of Music seeking employment platforms, K-POP dancers looking to expose themselves on an international stage, and so on. 

Although the music industry has been severely affected by the pandemic, Ms. Wu has inspired online music performances and new forms of interaction through new media platforms, offering members of the industry a new way to stand out in a crowded market.

In the post-pandemic era, Ms. Jiaxin Wu continued to develop new ideas, innovatively adopting new media channels (news dissemination, social media promotion, online live platform activities, etc.) to create a virtual platform for talents to showcase themselves. She effectively took advantage of new media such as high participation and a strong sense of connection, to enhance the virtual events.

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In the past years, she has successfully shaped hundreds of music, fashionistas, and artists on new media platforms, enabling them not only to find a platform for sustainable development and reshape their careers during the epidemic but also to make excellent connections with outstanding artists from all over the world. This pandemic, as Ms. Wu said, is a haze, a big impact, but also a place where light comes in.

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