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How to Style the Black and Red Jordans?

The black and red Jordans are a favorite among sneakers fans, and you can see why. Originally released in 1985, these shoes are still in production today. The shape and color palette is classic and will never go out of style. It’s difficult to style black and red Jordans despite their bright colors and unique details. Well, if you want more topics on the latest fashion, Mappels covers it all, do check it out!

This blog post will show you some easy ways to style these sneakers. Regardless of your style, we have something for you.

Understanding the Black and Red Jordans

There is a Nike swoosh logo on the side of the shoes, which are black and red. Strong and comfortable, the upper is made up of leather and synthetic materials. The construction of black and red Jordans also distinguishes them.

The shoes provide more ankle support because of their high-quality design. Furthermore, they are cushioned by Nike Air at the bottom to provide more comfortable wear. Toe boxes of the shoes have holes to let air in, and the bottoms have an adherent pattern for a more comfortable fit.

One of the reasons why the Jordans are so famous is their black and red color palette. When black and red are combined, you get an eye-catching, striking look. Adding a splash of red to a black background makes the design pop.  With their vibrant colors, these sneakers can go with a variety of outfits and are a must-have in any shoe collection.

Suggestions For Accessories To Go With The Black And Red Jordans

It is easy to stand out in an outfit with a baseball cap in solid colors. Black, white, or gray hats are good choices if you want to include a logo or design.

It is usually better to wear less jewelry when it comes to jewelry. Make your statement with a necklace or bracelet made of silver or gold. Alternatively, you can choose pinned earrings in colors that don’t stand out. Your shoes can distract you if they are too flashy or bold.

The socks you wear with black and red Jordans may seem like a small detail, but they have a big impact. Ideally, tights should be black, white, or gray in basic colors, or have a pattern or design that matches the shoes.

In terms of bags, the bold design of the shoes can’t be topped by a simple, plain one. Backpacks, shoulder bags, and leather handbags in black or gray are excellent choices.

How to Pair Black and Red Jordans with Clothing?

Dressy Look

Dress up your dressy look with black and red Jordans, slim-fit black pants, and a white button-down shirt. The classic and sophisticated look of this set makes it perfect for more formal occasions. Adding a black blazer or sports coat to the set will make it more formal. Black or gray ties or pocket squares are neutral colors that you can wear.

Casual Style

There are an endless number of ways to dress down a pair of black and red Jordans. Wearing jeans and a plain T-shirt is the best way to get a basic and simple look. Casual looks can also be put together with runner pants and windbreakers. Wearing shorts and a tank top in the summer will show off your sneakers and keep you cool.

Athletic Style

The sporty style is synonymous with comfort and functionality. This demonstrates that you are busy and beneficial by being both fashionable and practical. The sporty style consists of hoodies and streetwear pants, as well as leggings, tank tops, and traditional shoes. To achieve a sporty appearance, you need to assemble a simple set.

Maintenance Tips

Let the shoes dry on their own without putting them in the sun or near other heat sources. Don’t put anything acidic or rough on your shoes. A spray or protective varnish should be used on shoes to prevent them from getting dirty or scratching.

Make sure the area is calm and dry so that dirt and water do not accumulate on the shoes. You should clean it often with a light cleanser and a soft brush. Use an eraser or leather brush to remove stains and stains on your shoes. Put shoe trees or newspaper in your shoes to prevent them from wrinkling.


As a result, black and red Jordans are more about expressing your personality and adopting your unique style. The brilliance and boldness of these shoes will complement any outfit, whether casual or semi-formal.

With our advice and suggestions, you can don your red and black Jordans with confidence and flair. Have joy and don’t be afraid to experiment with your mannerisms. Indeed, life is too short to wear uninteresting footwear!


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