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Popular Hollywood Celebs Who Started Their Career as Models

As we know celebrities are blessed with their natural glam and good luck. But that wasn’t enough for them to succeed in the starting time of their career. So most of them headed in the direction of modeling before reaching their dream destination of films. Modeling is a career based on unique facial features and a perfect physique which most celebrities have. So some of them became prominent in the modeling and stayed the same until they ignited their film career. There are reports claiming that many actors depended on gambling for trying out their good luck by playing in Swift Mobile Casino, before they came to limelight. 

When others did not find it attractive and turned to other entertainment-related jobs such as direction, music creation, etc until they have achieved the stardom, they were expecting. The list of the popular Hollywood actors who were models before their acting careers may come as a shock to you as most of the names in the list are unexpected. If you are a cinephile and have a thing for celebrity-related matters this article is the right fit for you. Okay now to put an end to your curiosity, let’s jump ahead and unravel the list of popular Hollywood actors who were models before they were in the limelight. 

Cara Delevingne

Cara Deleingne is known for her untamed beauty and boldness. Her story may surprise you as delevingne had so many switching from modeling and acting before she finally settled for the title of world’s top supermodel. The London-born supermodel initially started her career as a model at the age of ten following her elder sister and later switched to films. Initially, she didn’t see any future for her modeling career as she found it dull and not promising so she had her first career switch to the film industry. 

Later the movie industry also did not meet up with Delevingne’s expectations and she decided to stick with modeling. But this time her story got altered and she became one of the highest-paid supermodels in the world. She is well known for her appearance on runways for world-class luxury fashion brands such as Chanel, Versace, Gucci, etc. along with her modeling career Cara didn’t hesitate to try her luck in her music career as she has some notable work in music too. look how the fortune has turned for the formerly actress and model Cara Delevingne.

Angelina Jolie

We know this name comes as shocking to you but yes Angelina Jolie the world-renowned actress started her career as an amateur model. As we know the actress is blessed with immense good looks and a naturally slim physique which helped her to reach the modeling industry very easily. Even Though she started to see success in modeling, the actress intended to have a shift to the film industry as she found it more glittery and appealing.

 The actress initially has tied up with a few fashion brands during her early modeling career and frequently attended film auditions meanwhile. Later she decided to focus on the film industry and even took a film degree. And the stars started to finally align for her wishes and she got her first leading role in a sci-fi thriller movie called Cyborg 2. This instantly lifted the actress’s career and she began receiving multiple accolades; she got ranked in the top list and later became one of the highest-paid actresses in the world.

Ian Somerhalder 

The dashing actor Ian Somerhalder even began his career as a model which is not that shocking because of his extremely good looks. The ther leading actor has a lot of female devotees from all across the world all thanks to his charming looks. The American-born actor struggled initially to land a role in the film industry so he started trying his luck in modeling. Which was very successful and the actor even modeled for so many prominent fashion brands but the actor later said he was not satisfied with the modeling career thus he kept attending auditions for film and tv shows. 

Which finally helped him to land his iconic role in the supernatural drama series called The Vampire Diaries as the vampire hero Damon Salvatore. Which altered his career and gained him worldwide recognition. And he is commonly known by the name of his character from the show. The show gained so much positive acclaim and gave him the great fortune that he dreamed of. The actor is even listed in the top magazines as the most desirable man in the world.

Brad Pitt

While trying to have a breakthrough into the Hollywood world of stardom the world’s best actor Brad Pitt engaged in modeling as a side gig. Even Though he was modeling part-time his eyes were always on the Beverly Hills stardom and the academy awards which he later persuaded. Brad Pitt is known as a fine actor who is charming and charismatic. His acting career is glittering as he has a long never-ending list of blockbusters to his name. Which made him the highest-paid actor in the world and the most handsome man in the universe. He has made the lists of popular magazines like Forbes more times than any other celebrity. 

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz has been in the Hollywood limelight for more than two decades. She is praised for her charming acting skills and good looks. The American-born actress was formerly a fashion model and was also a film aspirant. She succeeded in her modeling career and even landed in the commercial campaigns of high-end brands; she couldn’t resist her urge to attend film auditions. 

Even in her busy modeling schedule the actress found time to attend the ongoing auditions and saved herself a role in the film Mask which turned out to be a huge success and received a lot of international attention. Later the actress never had a turning back and she became one of the most popular actresses in the world. She got listed many times as the most desirable woman in the world by so many popular fashion magazines.

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