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Are our soft enamel pins cheaper than hard enamel pins?

Yes, soft enamel pins are relatively cheaper compared to hard enamel. The simplest way to differentiate hard enamel pins from soft enamel pins is through appearances. Hard enamel pins have a two-dimensional smooth appearance. In contrast, soft enamel pins have a three-dimensional rigid surface to feel the design when you touch it. 

Both hard and soft enamel pins are ideal fashion statements, but choosing between the two can be challenging for a person who does not know the dissimilarities between the two. It’s important to know the difference between soft and hard enamel pins because they are produced using different manufacturing processes and have distinct differences in appearance and durability. The flat or smooth hard enamel pins are costly, while the hard, ridges and soft ones are affordable. We will discuss more factors that will clear your confusion regarding which one to choose. 

Soft enamel pins 

Soft enamel pins can be customized or personalized, just like any other custom pins. Soft enamel pins have a textured feel and a three-dimensional look. These types of pins are manufactured using stamped metal or die-struck metal. These metals provide the enamel pin with the desired look. 

A thin layer of enamel is applied over the pin after it is struck. The result is a pin with grooves and raised edges in its design. 

Hard enamel pins 

Custom clothing labels allow versatility, and so do custom hard enamel pins. Hard enamel pins have an even and smooth surface. Hard enamel pins are also manufactured by stamped metal or die-struck metal like soft enamel pins. The different thing in creating hard enamel pins is that it covers all the metal ridges when the enamel layer is applied. 

After applying enamel ton, the pins are polished to make them smooth and shiny. Polishing also created an even two-dimensional appearance. 

The advantages of soft enamel pins 

Here are some key pros of soft enamel pins:

  • They are cheap.
  • They have a three-dimensional and textured appearance.
  • They are lighter and thinner than the hard enamel pins.
  • They allow every plating option like dyes, finishes, metal, etc. 
  • They catch every subtle detail. 
  • They are quick to create. 

The disadvantages of soft enamel pins 

Here are some main cons of soft enamel pins:

  • The ridges of soft enamel pin can get caught and tear clothes. 
  • They do not have a protective layer, so they are vulnerable to breaking or other damage. 
  • Soft enamel pins do not have a luxurious look like hard enamel pins. 
  • They are more likely to have imperfect designs during the manufacturing process. 

The advantages of hard enamel pins 

Here are some main pros of hard enamel pins:

  • Hard enamel pins have a sleek and smooth appearance. 
  • They are strong durability compared to soft enamel pins. 
  • Hard enamel pins have high quality because of their elegant finish and price. 
  • Hard enamel pins have few imperfections in the manufacturing process. 
  • Hard enamel pins have a protective coating that saves them from chip resistance and scratches. 
  • They have a bubble-like and shiny look. 


The disadvantages of hard enamel pins 

Here are some critical cons of hard enamel pins:

  • Hard enamel pins are expensive. 
  • The manufacturing process of having enamel pins takes longer because of the polishing process. 
  • The plating options for hard enamel pins are limited. The only options are nickel, gold, and silver. 
  • Hard enamel pins only go for solid colors and do not permit complicated designs. 


The dissimilarities between soft and hard enamel pins 

Hard enamel pins differ in terms of durability, cost, appearance, and elegance. We will discuss them in detail below.


In terms of durability, hard enamel pins are more long-lasting than soft enamel pins. The reason behind the strong durability is that the hard enamel pins have a protective coating, while soft enamel pins do not have one.


As discussed before, hard enamel pins are an expensive option than soft enamel pins. Soft enamel pins do not take long to produce, unlike hard enamel pins, and this and the polishing process make them pricey. 


When discussing the texture, soft enamel pins take the lead because they are more textured than hard ones. Soft enamel pins have grooves, rigid surfaces, and raised edges that make them more textured. 


Both are very elegant in their way. Some people like a smooth appearance, while others are fond of a textured appearance. 

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