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Enough Already! 8 Things About Leather Jacket Fashion We’re Tired Of Hearing

A leather jacket will have tons of things in common but, due to the high rise of fashion, you will also stop at different styles of leather jackets. They are densely popular which brings some uncommon and misinformed facts about the leather jacket. There are plenty of different things which are rumored around and this shows the uprising on other platforms too. Hence, it is time that we break down the barriers and tell people what the actual truth is about leather jackets. Keep on reading to find out about the false information which has been spread out about leather jackets, and some that you are tired of hearing.  

1. Leather jackets become stiff 

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about leather jackets. You will see them in numerous styles and they will also be made with different leather but they will surely not become stiff over a while. Instead, the complete opposite happens. When you get any kind of jacket whether it is a women’s biker jacketyou will come to see it as soft with the passage of time. Hence, this is a complete myth.  

2. Leather jackets absorb water 

Leather jackets have the ability to absorb a bit of water. However, it is said that water makes the leather jacket go bad in different aspects. Hence, it is always said to avoid rain or any kind of situation as such. They can take in a bit of moisture but not to a wider extent. You should always dry your leather jacket off if there is any water that spills on it from ruining the jacket even further. There are some leather materials that do not get affected by water either. Hence, some people might take it as a negative element whereas some will prove it to be a disadvantage.  

3. Leather jackets only come in 2 colors 

No. Leather jackets now come in a variety of different colors and they suit them well. Before, the manufacturing of leather jackets was only done on the basis of 2 colors which are black and brown. However, now you will find almost all the colors of rainbows in a leather jacket. Ranging from bright red to yellow and gray as well as undertones, it covers a vast majority. Therefore, we can stop saying and hearing now too that leather jackets only come in 2 colors.

 4. Leather jackets are not wearable during the summers 

There are a ton of people who say that wearing leather jackets such as the Phoebe Dynevor Bank of Dave Jacket because it gets too hot. This is false. True leather jackets are always breathable and they also formulate the right kind of adjustment to the weather. This is one of the best and most special things about leather jackets. However, there are some leather jackets that contain a different lining. For those jackets that contain fur or any sort of other linings, it is an understood statement that wearing those types of jackets will not be suitable during the summer.  

5. Leather jackets are mainly made of faux leather 

Faux leather is fake leather. There are multiple ways you can get to know if the jacket you are choosing is fake or real. Genuine leather offers a seamless and comforting style and fit while maintaining its durability. The texture is different as well. However, for faux or fake leather, you will not find any of the premium qualities. It is to be kept in mind that real leather is soft but durable.

 6. There is only one leather that is used to manufacture leather jackets 

There are tons of different leather jackets and not all of them are made from the singular leather section. There are multiple types of leather. Most people are heard saying that it is cowhide which is used to make leather jackets but it is not true. Though it is one of the most common types of leather jackets, other leather is used as well such as sheepskin leather.

 7. It is impossible to clean a leather jacket 

This might be a correct statement only if you are using the wrong kind of tools. There is always a warning to those who wear leather jackets to be careful while eating because it can easily get stained and then later, hard to remove. However, There are some specific products that come to clean your leather jackets. They are meant to clean off the leather as quickly and with precision. Hence, you can clean your leather jacket easily.

 8. Leather jackets are decreasing in their popularity

There are no signs which show us that leather jackets are decreasing. There are thousands of people who wear them on a day-to-day basis including famous personalities. Hence, the popularity of leather jackets will not fade away any time soon.

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