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Boho is a perennial fashion trend, meaning it's here to stay! Rock this chic look by incorporating these items into your wardrobe this season!

How to Embrace the Boho Chic Look

The boho style attracts inspiration from the bohemian lifestyle of the late sixties and seventies. It also noticed a rebirth with celebrities such as Kate Moss and Sienna Miller embracing this natural look while adding their personal touch of glam and glitz.

You see, boho clothing is extremely enjoyable to wear. Nonetheless, you need to strike a subtle balance to ensure you do not look like a hippie stuck in the seventies. 

Are you thinking about how you can accomplish it? Look no further because this post got you covered. We collected the must-have essentials for a boho-chic wardrobe to make that boho look that looks effortless and elegant at the same time.

Before diving in, let’s take a quick look at interesting details you need to know about bohemian clothing. 

 Introducing the Boho Style 

The true origin of bohemian fashion is still an open question, but most think it originated as a counterculture in France in the nineteenth century. During the French revolution, several artists and creatives were forced to wear old and worn-out clothing when they’re driven into a life of poverty. That later transformed into a form of expression that is today known as the boho style. 

Regardless of the debate on the origins of the bohemian culture, one thing remains the same about its meaning. The boho style is all about artistic expression, which is free-spirited and unconventional.

What is Boho Chic? 

 Did you know that the boho style was born out of necessity? Nonetheless, it changed into an ideology, resulting in the creation of a new line of clothing. You see, Boho Chic is a fashion genre that is affected by different bohemian and hippie cultures. 

It uses natural fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, and delicate linen to more durable fabrics such as sheepskin, fur, leather, and suede. It often combines different colors, patterns, and textures to make a look that reflects a person’s true personality. 

Important Elements of a Boho Chic Fashion 

There’s no doubt that boho chic is the ultimate preferred style of most young college goers. However, it’s not the simplest to pull off as a person can easily get carried away. To prevent your boho look from becoming a Halloween costume, make sure you don’t overdress from head to toe in stereotypes. 

Below are some tips you can consider if you feel like you could use some help in the style department. 

  • Oversized Tunic Style Blouses

A mixed-print tunic, a white lace top, an ethnic print peasant top, and embroidered tops are the different options you can consider. It will help if you look for tops with a bell, bishop, or trumpet-style sleeve with decorative trims such as tassels or pom poms. V-necklines and off-shoulder cuts particularly complement the boho look. 

  • Maxi shirts

A maxi-shirt is essential, especially if you’re trying to create a boho-chic wardrobe. This basic piece of clothing can be worn along with different tops for making various bohemian looks. Keep in mind that maxi shirts aren’t just comfortable but are accessible in various prints and colors. Aztec, flowers, and paisley are some of the prints that work stunningly. 

Pick a short that isn’t overly poofy. Are you wearing a solid-colored maxi shirt? Try to pair it with a graphic vest or a t-shirt. You can also tie your hair in a top knot and finish the look with some gladiator sandals. 

  • Booties and Boots

A pair of fashionable ankle booties and high boots are essentials in your collection, especially if you’re trying to nail any boho outfit. Versatility and comfort are two points you need to bear in mind when shopping for this footwear.

You can prefer chunky heels over stilettos and opt for natural, warm hues such as grey, beige, tan, and brown instead of black. You can then mix the booties and boots with dresses and skirts to make different boho fashion-inspired looks. 

  • Cardigans, Sweaters, and Jackets

Would you like to add layers to your boho outfit? You can try wearing cardigans, sweaters, and jackets to achieve that look. Note that outerwear fabrics that go well with this style are wool, crochet, lace, and denim.

While making your buying decisions, the elements to look out for are decorative trims and fringe, coz garments, distressed elements, and slightly oversized silhouettes. 

You can also try wearing a delicate cardigan on top of your short flowery dress. Take advantage of your belt to tie all around your waist and improve your entire look with opaque tights and knee-high boots. 

  • Retro-Look Sunglasses

Sunglasses not just protect your eyes from the sun, but it also makes a loud style fashion statement. Apart from dresses and your footwear, retro-look sunglasses like the Rectangle Stax Sunglasses by Barton Perreira are a crucial bohemian fashion accessory.

How can you perfect the entire boho-chic look? You can prefer glasses with colored frames, large round metal, or tinted lenses. You can wear it together with bell-bottom pants, winged-out sleeves, straw, or fedora hat and watch the heads turn! 

  • Fringe Bags and Batik Totes

Your wardrobe should have a few boho-style bags, as it’s needed to connect your outfit altogether. Messenger bags, crossbody bags, and floppy purses are some of the many options accessible in the market. You can take a ick from various sizes and shapes as well.

Look for bags handmade using faux leather, suede, or natural fabrics with fringes, crochets, beads, applique work, or patchwork. Your bag should be a fashionable asset that’s unique and work well with most of your boho clothing. 

  • Boho Jewelry

The important thing to remember is to look for items made from natural elements such as suede, coral, feathers, wood, or turquoise. Dangly earrings like long hanging feathers and oversized hoops fit all boho-chic outfits. 

Statement necklaces are also perfect for spicing up a dull dress. Keep your boho style in mind and pick necklaces made using pounded metal and epoxy. 

To sum up, the boho style is here to stay. It’s youthful, comfortable, and an excellent way to demonstrate your whimsical spirit. We hope this post has given you the information you need to get started nailing the boho-chic style. 

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