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Designing and Personalizing Printed T-shirts

Have you ever taken a look at t-shirt designs and thought about designing your own? It is now a very easy thing to achieve, anyone can contact a printer for graphic tshirt printing once you have a design in mind or even to work with a designer they have or images they have to select from. Here is a look at designing and personalising printed t-shirts for whatever reason and then choosing between home heat transfer printing or professional printing.

Creating a design and t-shirt printing yourself

In order to create your own designs you just need to choose what software you prefer and put it onto your home computer. It works better with proper programs because the format of the images needs to be correct in order to have a good-quality image in the right size. With an inkjet printer, you can then print onto good-quality transfer paper. With an iron, you can then iron the image onto the t-shirt. It is a good idea to print the image onto regular paper first to make sure it looks good. Sometimes when things are printed they do not look exactly like the image on the screen. That way you can better have personalized tshirt printing look good.

Using a professional garment printing service

If you want the printed shirt to look more professional and last longer then you should look into services that offer graphic tshirt printing. Many accept designs from clients, can work with you or offer suggestions. They usually ask for images and designs to be in certain formats to ensure it is transferable onto the t-shirt or your garment of choice. You can look for a local business or look online and find many options to consider. Just look at the type of printing you want, think about how many shirts you want to be printed, what your budget is and the experience of the printing service. The quality of the print is affected by the type of printing you choose, you can learn more from the printer but basically screen printing is better for more basic designs with fewer colours and heat transfer or DGT are better for photos or detailed pictures and lots of colours.


T-shirts are a very popular garment worn by all ages and all kinds of people around the globe. Customised or personalized tshirt printing is gaining in popularity because t-shirts suit so many different purposes and can be designed however you want them to look. If you are unsure about the design part you can have someone do that for you, and if you talk to the printing service they can also offer a lot of help there if you have an idea and need help turning that into something that works. T-shirt printing has so many possibilities, personal to wear as part of your wardrobe, to give away, to use as team uniforms, for workers, for gifts to clients and more! Send a message, market your brand, and get people talking about what you have to say!









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