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Getting into clothing photography is a great way to test your skill as a photographer. Get to a running start by reading these tips before your next shoot.

Clothing photography: Tips and tricks to get the perfect shot

Are you planning on opening your online clothing store? Was a boutique a lifelong dream? Or are you just looking for tips to photograph your articles better? Whatever the reason may be, we are here for you. The pandemic has given an excellent opportunity for new businesses to spring up in the digital world. Virtual stores are not only easy to set up but save plenty of costs.

On the other hand, since the pandemic, virtual businesses have had tough competition. More prominent and famous brands have also shifted online, and the chance of customers buying from you are less.

The apparent reason is brand recognition, but another primary reason is what the customers see. Visual appeal is essential, especially in the fashion world. And that is why we will be sharing some quick tips with you to help you become a better Clothing Photographer.

Employ one style of photography

While photographing your clothes for an online store, you should keep in mind that consistency is critical. The posts should look the same and should follow a specific pattern. Haphazard images with ever-changing backgrounds may work for some but are mostly negatively viewed. For photographs, you should either hire a model, use a dummy or use visual effects.

All three of these methods work great if used correctly. You need to use the same method in all of your articles to create a professional feel. For choosing an option, you have the following choices.

  • If you are starting up and are on a tight budget, we recommend using hangers or a dummy to photograph your articles.
  • If your budget permits, the best option is hiring a model, as they give the customer a natural glance at what they are buying.
  • If you are starting up but have good computer skills, you can use visual effects and no-model clothing shoots.

Get better cameras

Better equipment will certainly give better results but don’t fret; if your budget doesn’t permit to invest in a brand new DSLR, you can quickly get a pretty good used camera off of eBay.

If you have a camera but don’t know how to use it well, you should check out some free tutorials on youtube or join a few classes to learn the basics.

Lastly, you may not need a professional camera if you have a phone with a great camera; try out phone photography hacks available on the net to get great photos with your phone.

The perfect lighting

Although you may cut some costs by using your phone as a camera, lighting is a must. Without the proper lighting and backdrop, your images will not give a professional and persistent touch no matter how good the camera is. You can get reasonable rates for used lighting fixtures. But that’s something you definitely should consider investing in.


Prepping the articles

Another tip to keep in mind is to prep your articles correctly. Before you have a photoshoot, make sure to iron out the pieces and pin them up in places to get the right angle. Make the pieces neat and perfectly aligned as they will attract customers and increase sales. If the quality of your piece isn’t perfect, people may spot it in a photograph that is not good for business.

Editing is key

No matter how hard you try, you may still end with shots that may not be perfect. And that’s okay. Even the best photographers in the world touch up their masterpieces to make them look perfect.

So, when you are done with a good photoshoot of your clothing line, use an app to touch them up a bit; if you don’t know how, you can always learn or hire a photoshop expert to edit the photos for you. Good luck!

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