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Celebrity hairdresser Samet Zili has styled the hair of many big celebrities. Take a look at how he got his start and worked his way to success.

Celebrity hairdresser Samet Zili

How did your story begin? Was hairdressing a dream for you?

“I was born on 28.03.1988 in Turkey. When I was 13 years old, my father started me off as an apprentice in a hairdresser where we lived, at first it was not my dream job. Overtime I liked the relationships with people and built bonds, the production of something amazing, sharing ideas with people and the communication with people to see what they want. I have been doing my job for 18 years and I love it.”

You lived in Dubai for a while, What has changed after your return?  What is that strict for you?

“ I was working for the princesses in Dubai, I was traveling weekly and then I decided to stay. They offered me options that i couldn’t say no to. I lived in Dubai for more than 3 years then i returned to Turkey then to Milan to attend a course to build my knowledge and then I finally moved to London and I am very happy. 

 Many famous names prefer you. How is working with them?

“If you can give your vision and professional knowledge to famous names, you can make them happy.  Everything is very easy because we understand each other immediately.”

So why do they choose you, what is your difference?

“Celebrities are closely following fashion and trends. This is how I view my profession. Every day, I follow the developments, watch and follow world stars and hair trends. With my professional knowledge and experience, I can immediately put this knowledge into practice. 

I guess that’s why celebrities want to work with me, after seeing another celebrity friend’s hair that I haven’t worked with before they also then end up contacting me. My success is the whisper of satisfaction to be preferred.”

What are the 2021 hair trends?  What goes out in cuts and colors?

“This season, loose cuts with bangs will be at the forefront of the 2021 hair trends. Short and masculine lines come are trending. We will also see higher buns trending. Pony tails are also a favourite of the year. There is a return to warmer coffee tones in 2021 colors. The warm shadows and golden balayage tones are also are trending.  

While blonde tones are popular as usual, this season blonde will be the darker tones of “dirty” blonde.  Like last season, beige, ashy brown hair continues its trend this season, while ombre cool blondes will also be a trend.”

What to look for while doing hair designs Samet zili?

“The exact hair color and the realization of the cut are very important. One of the most important things is that it is very important to distinguish whether the hair structure is straight, curly, wavy, thick or thin.  Even when we are doing a blow dryer or tongs, we shape the hair according to the facial structure.”

What is the formula to always have healthy-looking hair?

“This depends on the type of hair, we can analyze it in our salons.  Hair is like fingerprints, it requires the right care and the right techniques. Correct and professional care is essential for the treated hair.  My recommendation is professional hair salon treatments.”

 What do you think are the biggest mistakes about hair care?

Samet zili; “Not being able to find the right hair color and cut to suit you… Everyone is interested in going blonde. Maybe it will not suit, maybe a brown in the right tones will look better. Here a professional eye is required.”

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