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Celebrities are known for their fashion sense. But which of them create their own clothes? Find out here.

Do celebrities create their own clothes

When Lindsay Lohan was in, “Herbie: Fully Loaded,” She decided to wear vintage Disney shirts around town, so that when the paparazzi snapped her photograph, it would be an advertisement for her upcoming film. The producers of the movie loved the idea as they didn’t have to pay for the publicity. No one had ever even heard of Jimmy Choos before Carrie Bradshaw professed her love for them on “Sex in the City.”

Many celebrities have started their own fashion line and they have different levels of involvement in the actual invention of the clothing. Whether celebrities create their own clothes or not, they certainly have an influence on the fashion world. Many stars may lend their name to a fashion designer who will actually design the clothes.

Ever since an aging Liz Taylor stepped into the soft lights to whisper the name of her perfume “White Diamonds”  into the camera, celebrity product lines have been quite popular. Although a celebrity might not create their clothing, the clothing that bears their name will reflect the star’s image.

Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian can often be seen wearing a line of Adidas that bears Mr. West’s moniker. 

Reese Witherspoon has a clothing line that she named Draper James after her grandfather.  The line features largely southern belle inspired outfits. Venus and Serena Williams have lent their names to loungewear and activewear.

How much say does a celebrity have over clothes that bear their name?

In most cases, a celebrity will merely approve of the garments in their clothing line. the companies are generally unwilling to admit this because they want people to think that the style they are buying was the brainchild of the stars that they worship. It is rare for an actor, singer, or model to approve of actual patterns.

There are some exceptions to this rule. Both Gwyneth Paltrow and the Olsen twins have committed themselves to put acting on the back burner while they promote their fashion lines. 

Ms. Paltrow is the spokeswoman for the company Goop which she owns. the GP actually stands for the actress’s initials. Although the company primarily sells personal care products, they also sell a few articles of clothing.  The actress does have a good deal of involvement in the company, but that does not mean that she is involved in the small details. She has appeared on television and was stumped when asked about her own products on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” 

A celebrity can either create a stand-alone line or partner with an established designer. In some cases, a designer is a celebrity. Lauren Conrad starred in the reality television show “The Hills” for years for the sole purpose of making herself famous enough to start a fashion line.

The Most Successful Celebrity Fashion Lines

Although she may not know the difference between tuna and chicken, Jessica Simpson knows the difference between a riding boot in a go-go boot and has capitalized on it successfully. The pop star who once sported a chastity promise ring is now an owner of a billion-dollar business. Her fashion line includes clothing, boots, and purses as well as perfume.

Child stars have been known for experiencing drug addiction, bulimia, and acute depression. However, there are some situations in which it’s all worthwhile. The Olsen Twins Elizabeth And James brand is considered amongst the most successful celebrity fashion company.

Fashion Flops

There are a few celebrities whose clothing lines did not nettle success. Skater Boy songstress Avril Levine launch the line of clothing called Abby Dawn in 2008 when she was famous. The clothing was designed with an odd bent towards both punk rock and hyper-femininity.

Hiedi Montag, Lauren Conrad’s former nemesis on “The Hills”,  launched a clothing line called Heidiwood that ultimately failed. Ironically, she is one of the few celebrity designers to have attended fashion school and had a hand in the actual creation of the clothing.

The store Steve and Barry thought that a fashion line endorsed by Sarah Jessica Parker could not fail. The clothes in her line “Bitten” were quite inexpensive, but they were reported to have an awkward fit. Ms. Parker said she wanted to create affordable clothing for women and she approved of each garment. Unfortunately, Bitten bit the dust when the chain store went bankrupt.

Celebrities have been known to start fashion trends by just wearing an article of clothing. Beyonce wore a shirt with the word kale on it in a video. Those shirts ended up selling for $48 a pop even though it was not a part of her own fashion line Ivy Park. 

How to Dress Like A Celebrity

If an aspiring fashionista wanted to have a shirt like Beyonce’s but did not want to pay $48 for it, There is many a website where she could go to simply make her own shirt. This can be a general problem with fashion design. No matter who you get to endorse your clothes they can almost always be knocked off.

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