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Celebrating Plus Size Dresses Featured in Movies and TV: An Ode to Fashion Diversity!

While Hollywood has come a long way in terms of representation and inclusivity, the fashion industry still lags behind. For plus-sized women, finding trendy, fashionable attire can be a struggle, and even more so for larger sizes. However, there is hope when we look to the entertainment industry. Movies and TV shows have been featuring more and more plus-size characters, and with that, some pretty fabulous plus size dresses! Here we celebrate the diversity in fashion and offer up some iconic moments of plus-size fashion from the big and small screen.

Rebel Wilson in Pitch Perfect

Few could forget the iconic “Fat Amy” character played by Rebel Wilson in Pitch Perfect. While the character may have been given an unfortunate nickname, she owned it and owned the stage. Her wardrobe was equally fabulous, from bold and patterned plus size dresses to chic jumpsuits. Rebel Wilson’s character showed us that plus size fashion can be playful, fun, and full of personality.

Queen Latifah’s Chic Wardrobe in Last Holiday

The 2006 film Last Holiday featured Queen Latifah as a timid saleswoman who, after being diagnosed with a terminal illness, decides to embark on a luxurious vacation. Her stunning wardrobe, full of vibrant colors and statement maxi dresses, was a highlight of the film. The final scene, in which Queen Latifah walks the runway in a gorgeous gold gown, is a cinematically iconic moment unto itself.

Adele in the Skyfall Music Video

While this may not be a movie or TV show exactly, the Skyfall music video certainly deserves recognition. Adele, known for her powerhouse voice and captivating style, donned a stunning sequined dress in the video. The best part? It was a size 16! This recognition of Adele’s curves and embracing them in her own unique style is a testament to how plus-size fashion can be infinitely glamorous.

Danielle Macdonald’s Star Turn in Dumplin’

Danielle Macdonald’s leading role in Dumplin’ was a breath of fresh air in the world of coming-of-age films. The character, plus-size teenager Willowdean, navigates friendships, first love, and a beauty pageant all while wearing some truly stunning dresses. The film, in addition to its infectious soundtrack, is a must-see for anyone looking for a celebration of body positivity and plus-size fashion.

These are just a few examples of the diverse and inspiring plus-size fashion moments from film and TV. These depictions serve as a reminder that fashion should never be exclusive, and that representation and inclusivity matter on every platform. As media continues to evolve and showcase more varied and diverse characters, we can only hope that fashion will follow suit. Let’s make dresses that are plus size and styles accessible and embraced for all.

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