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Cannes celebrates innovation by awarding iSwiss as “Innovative Bank of the Year”

Cannes means cinema and entertainment, but not only: this year’s edition, number 76 of the Film Festival, was also an opportunity to celebrate and reward innovation in many different fields.

Among these certainly finance, a sector that has had as its undisputed protagonist in recent years the Swiss banking group iSwiss: and in the splendid setting of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, in one of the most important events connected to the Festival, iSwiss itself received the prestigious award dedicated to the “Innovative Bank of the Year.”

Receiving the award was the CEO of iSwiss, financier Christopher Aleo, who has always been a promoter of the vision of the Swiss banking group: that is, one that focuses on innovation and the use of the tools offered by new technologies to offer increasingly accessible and personalized services to an ever-growing clientele.

“Receiving this recognition represents a real honor for iSwiss,” said Aleo after the award ceremony, “An award that fills us with pride and that is, above all, a confirmation of the commitment put into the iSwiss growth project carried out over the past 3 years.”

“The basic idea,” continued the Swiss bank’s CEO, “has not changed over these years: the goal of iSwiss is to offer an innovative vision of the financial market, which for too many decades has been stuck on outdated positions and ways of acting.”

“And a new vision of finance also becomes valuable for the entrepreneurial fabric: because it is precisely businesses that are the economic engine of a country, and it is, therefore, the task of banks to facilitate their activities, offering services that are increasingly evolved and customized according to the needs of different clients.” concluded Christopher Aleo.

Indeed, one only has to look at the results of the iSwiss Group’s latest period, with several important corporate transactions successfully concluded, to see that the path taken is right.

Beginning with the securitization sector: an instrument to which iSwiss has succeeded in giving a new life, taking it out of the practices that significantly limited its use. Several securitization projects have been closed by the Swiss giant, along with those successfully completed in the abs notes sector, all on the London Stock Exchange. And it is precisely in London that iSwiss has opened a representative office, in order to be better able to follow the various current and future projects.

Not to mention the recent entry of iSwiss Pay, a Canadian-based payment institution, into the group, which has made a major impact on the sector of advanced payment solutions and money transfers globally.

And on an increasingly global level is iSwiss’ insurance and financial business, thanks to obtaining licenses that now allow the Swiss group to operate in every part of the world.



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