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Shoes speak louder than words

First impression is the last impression, which is why it is very important to make a good first impression. People draw many conclusions about you based on the pair of shoes you are wearing. It might sound absurd, but it is the first thing that people notice in you. You need to be careful about what shoe you are wearing if you want to create the right impression. 

What Personality does your Shoes Portray?

High-heeled boots – If you wear high-heeled shoes, it means that you are someone who is going to take control over the situation whenever there is a crisis. 

Running Shoes – If you are into running shoes, it means that you are a very organized, goal-oriented, and confident person. You love to stay fit and enjoy multitasking.

Clogs – People who wear clogs are usually down to earth and know how to enjoy the little things in life. They are usually open-spirited and nature loving. 

FlatsIf you love to wear clogs, then you are someone who works silently. You don’t want to take the credit or be the center of attraction but you are one of those behind-the-scenes heroes who works very hard so that the finished product is perfect. You are generous, modest, focused, and humble.

Stilettos – Women who love to wear stilettos are generally very hardworking. They usually have a strong work ethic, determination, and drive.

Work Boots – If you love wearing work boots, then you are someone who is always planning ahead. You have an analytical approach towards life and don’t like taking impulsive decisions.

Flip-flops – People wearing flip-flops have a chilled personality. Being around them is super easy and comfortable. They don’t bother much about the future and love going with the flow. They are easy-going and love to live in the moment.

Sneaker Buffs – If you love wearing sneaker buffs, then you are someone who can get with anyone easily. Be it someone old or someone young, you can have good conversations with everyone. You are a very versatile person who loves exploring different ideas and options.

Wedges – Women wearing wedges usually have a very strong presence. You are strong and full of self-assurance and grace.

Pumps – Women wearing pumps are purely boss women. They are strong and competitive.

Loafers – People wearing loafers are usually steadfast, perfectionist, and meticulous.

Mules – People wearing mules are mainly the center of attention. They always make people laugh and have a good time. 

Dockers is a company that is popular for men’s footwears. This company was created in 1986. They incorporate smart designs and technological innovations into their shoes, which is why they are the best in the market. Some of their technological innovations include:

  • Smart 360 Flex – It is a stretchable fabric that is responsible for increasing your comfort level. 
  • NeverWet – It is a water and stain guard treatment.
  • SureGrip – It provides resistance to slipping.
  • All Motion Comfort – It consists of three zones, each of which has only one purpose, i.e., providing you comfort.

The Dockers men’s shoes collection comes in a wide range of widths and sizes, thereby offering you a relaxed fit. The company manufactures different shoes like sandals, knit sneakers, boaters, slip ons, and oxfords. 

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