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If there's ever a time for you and all your friends to be looking great, it's on your wedding day. Look great with the latest bridesmaid fashion trends.

The Top 5 Bridesmaid Fashion Trends for 2021

Being a bridesmaid is one of the most memorable experiences a gal will ever share with her pals. It’s super exciting to receive a bridesmaid proposal, and you definitely want to know what to expect when it comes to attire. It may have been a long time since your last gala affair, but don’t fret.

From classics like pearl jewelry to distinctly modern styles like mix ’n match dresses, we’ve compiled the top bridesmaid fashion trends for 2021. Read on to learn more.

1. Pearls

Eco-consciousness is more than a trend. It is a top concern for today’s couples as they plan their nuptials. When it comes to jewels, the June birthstone is natural, timeless, distinctly feminine, and most definitely not a throwaway fad, making it a primo pick for bridesmaids and brides in 2021.

Pearls are also eternally popular because of their elegance and simplicity. A necklace, bracelet, and simple stud or drop earrings look great with literally any dress and hairstyle, giving you one less thing to worry about on the big day. Vintage jewelry is also extremely hot this year, so feel free to ask family members for a loaner.

You could save big time while bringing a sense of history to the ceremony. Heirloom jewelry also makes a great conversation starter. If a raid of your mom’s jewelry box turns up nada, pearls are never a bad investment as you’ll certainly get plenty of wear out of them. Properly cared for, they’ll last for years to come, allowing you to hand them down in your own family and start your own heritage.

2. Hair Bands

Beautiful in their own right and flattering to the wearer, hair bands are one of the top accessories bridesmaids are wearing this year. Face-framing and budget-friendly, hair bands are as practical as they are pretty. They keep your hair in place without giving you a headache, a big plus when you’ve got a long day ahead.

Personal expression is another mega-trend of 2021 and hair bands fit the bill. Many brides are allowing their bridal parties to pick their own accessories so each one can convey her individuality.

Styles for 2021 run the gamut from classic grosgrain embellished with pearls to bling sequins. Crystals are eternally popular, as are embroidered. Florals are also trending strong, and for extra fun, some bridesmaids are donning eye-catching feathers this year. In short, your imagination is the only limitation.

3. Eclectic Gowns

One of the hottest trends for dresses this year is allowing each bridesmaid to select her own gown, giving each person the freedom to select one that best suits her style. Bridesmaids are mixing up prints and solids, hemlines and fabrics. Flowy maxi gowns are very popular, as are thigh-high slits. Boho is also big, so feel free to go wild with the ruffles if that’s your vibe.

If sleek and sophisticated are more your speed, luxe fabrics like velvet and silk charmeuse are also trending strong in 2021. The key to keeping a bridal party looking like a wedding rather than some other celebration is by choosing a dominant color for the crew to stick to and create an overall intentional and unified look.

4. Dreamy Blue & Green

Shades of pink have been the color of choice for bridesmaids for so long, but blue and green tones feel fresh and new in 2021. For warm weather settings, dusty blue, soft sage, and elegant olive are popular picks. For cool weather weddings, rich jewel tones like emerald and sapphire are trending.

But once again, the name of the game is choosing the color that works for you (and the bride). Peacock blue is gorgeous, rich forest green is a natural choice for an outdoor setting, and midnight blue isn’t too dark for an elegant evening affair. With any luck, you’ll be able to wear your lovely gown again too.

5. Lively Florals

Many parties and guest lists have been scaled down this year. With a more intimate setting, every detail counts. That said, people have waited a long time to have fun, and they intend to enjoy every minute. Rather than traditional muted colors like white, cream, and blush for their flower color scheme, couples are opting for bolder hues like orange, hot pink, and even black – all of which can come in a beautiful dried flower bouquet by Milla Rose.

The blooms themselves are equally expressive, with brides selecting playful posies, including peonies, Gerbera daisies, and astilbe for her bridesmaids. Eco-consciousness carries through into florals and many brides are opting for petite, demure bridesmaids’ bouquets rather than huge ones, and seasonal blooms are also extremely popular.

A lot of 2021 weddings were meant to be held in 2020. Because so many couples had extra time to plan their nuptials, flower symbolism is another hot trend, such as yarrow for good fortune or sweet peas for gratitude. A variety of textures are also being employed, including mixing fresh and dried flowers for the bouquets.

Now that you know what to expect fashion-wise, go forth with confidence and enjoy. This year’s weddings are all about expressing the True You, whether you’re a bridesmaid, bride, or guest. We’ve all earned the right to some serious fun!

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