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Kaftans makes it possible for you to stay comfortable. Follow these tips on how to choose the best Kaftan for your stylish summer swimsuit.

How To Choose The Best Kaftan For Your Summer Swimsuit

Summer swimwear is the most anticipated clothing that everybody is preparing for, perhaps it is the perfect year-round beachwear, so why not pick one up to wear at the shore this summer? 

If you are among those who avoid wearing bikinis and opt for wearing long pants, shirts or even tunics instead, then a wide-necked version is just right for you. This particular style of kaftan beach cover up makes it possible for you to wear other clothes inside it. The design is such that it can hide any part of your body which you may not want to be exposed to on a beach. 

Follow these tips on how to choose the best Kaftan for your summer swimsuit so you can step out in style this season.

Finding The Perfect Fit

Don’t just throw on any old Kaftan! Be sure to take time picking out a new bathing suit. This is because so many of us have body image issues when it comes to our tummies and butts, and few of us feel comfortable wearing skimpy bikinis.

Size Matters

The fit of a suit is just as important as any other factor when it comes to purchasing. A suit that doesn’t fit right will be uncomfortable and won’t flatter your figure. Use these tips on how to buy swimsuits online, and look and feel great while swimming at the beach. 

Most women find they are either an hourglass or pear shape; if you’re still not sure where you fall, get measured by a tailor. When you know what type of body type suits you, look at photos of yourself in two-piece suits from different angles front side view, backside view, and profile to see which styles flatter you most.

Does color matter?

If you’re planning on wearing a kaftan in public, it should go without saying that you want something that looks great and makes you feel comfortable. But don’t overlook how color can play into whether or not a piece is right for you. Light, bright colors can make it seem like there is less fabric around your body and draw attention to one area.

If you’re looking to showcase cleavage or a thin figure, lighter colors might be an asset. But if you want to distract from other areas of your body—or show off curves in general—you may want a darker color instead. Darker shades also tend to hide issues with tan lines better than lighter ones do.

Looking at price tags

When buying a new bathing suit, don’t just think about how you look in it—consider how you feel. Consider where you’ll wear it most often and remember that while cheap bikinis might look cute on a small model, they may not have been cut or fit with larger bodies in mind. You should also think about style: are you more of a one-piece gal or do ruffles and cutouts have more sass?

Designer swimsuits, worth it?

High-end designer swimsuits can cost upwards of $200. Depends on what you plan on using them for and how long you plan on wearing them. If you want a suit that’s made with high-quality materials and fits like a glove, go ahead—go all out. 

But if you’re just looking for something that will keep up with day-to-day swimming at the pool or beach, save yourself some money and buy from an inexpensive store instead; chances are, it will still look good when it comes time to wear it. 

Different types of Swimwear fabrics

Swimwear comes in a variety of fabrics. If you’re looking for durability, consider swimsuits made from nylon or spandex, which are both lightweight and long-lasting materials. If you’re looking for style, on the other hand, look into suits made from more luxurious fabrics like silk or lace. 

When deciding what fabric to go with, be sure to take into account all of your preferences—breathability may trump style in warm weather and vice versa in cold weather.

Lace Swimming Suits, Is It Worth The Trouble?

Lace is making a big comeback, with more and more women opting for it in their bathing suits. However, while many women like lace because it offers a different look and feels than traditional bathing suits, be warned: some types of lace are more complicated than others to wear. While delicate, fine lace looks great on virtually any body type, it’s also very revealing.

Playing With Prints And Patterns On Your Swimsuits

Prints are an excellent way to stand out at poolside or beachside, but not all prints work well on a swimsuit. When choosing a print and pattern, there are things you want to keep in mind. 

You’ll want something that compliments your body shape. That means paying attention to things like where your curves hit and what colors compliment them. Just because something is a beautiful print doesn’t mean it will look good on you, so be sure that you’re taking note of how it makes you feel when trying it on.

Finishing Touches To Your Swimsuits

Once you’ve decided on a material, you can then decide on decorations. If you prefer more feminine designs, kaftans often have an array of choices when it comes to detailing. Whatever look you’re going for, consider mixing different fabrics and trims. 

Try pairing a colorful top with a solid bottom or vice versa; mix solid fabric on one side with printed or embellished cloth on another. You can also pair two prints together by having different parts of each match up.


When it comes to picking out a kaftan, you need one from a good quality fabric that is suitable for swimming. Look for something lightweight with an open weave so you can stay cool and show off those tan lines, making sure it has enough support to hold everything in place but not too much material as you don’t want all of it floating on top of you when in water.

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