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Avoalre is one of the finest sports socks brands on the market. Find out what makes it so unique with our breakdown.

Discover what makes Avoalre a premiere sports socks brand

Avoalre is a brand that is becoming increasingly recognizable in cycling and running circles for their impeccable lineup of trustworthy socks. Having adopted several advanced Italian high-performance looms and hiring mechanical design engineers from Japan to develop the patterns, the quality of their latest lineup for 2022 is set to be stocking stuffers worldwide this coming Christmas. 

Let’s take a closer look into what their newest lineup of socks have to offer just in time for the holiday season. Also be sure to use the 15% discount code FYKM2CUG if you decide to go the way of Avoalre (the code is go until 11/30/2022).

Athletic Breathability

Every athlete knows — moisture and friction are enemies for performance. Avoalre cushioned athletic running socks use amazing moisture-wicking Coolmax fabric to keep your feet dry and blister-free. The socks are made up of 30% Coolmax, 30% cotton, 35% nylon, and 5% Lycra. According to the Coolmax brand themselves, their special fiber carries a unique moisture-wicking action to draw sweat away from your skin without sacrificing breathability.

Recently, Avoalre divulged more details about their recent Coolmax inclusion. “Avoalre cushioned running socks are made of high-end moisture control and quick dry CoolMax fiber, it can move perspiration away effectively from skin surface, helps to prevent the accumulation of blister, stops smelly feet by keeping your feet dry. Even after a 20 km run in wet weather, your feet still keep dry and don’t smell.” they said. 

Avoalre further elaborated on the ventilation construction of their socks in a recent announcement. 

“Our athletic running socks adapt mesh ventilation construction to create airflow within the fabric, providing 30 perent more ventilation & breathability than other sports socks. Quarter-length performance workout socks can feel more breathable for running.” they said. “Designed to distinguish between the left and right feet, these socks provide a more personalized fit that gives better support to each individual foot in order to avoid foot injuries.” 

Athletic traction and protection

The addition of Lycra is a welcome addition to the Avoalre lineup, especially for aspiring runners and cyclists who hold healthy blood circulation as a high priority when selecting quarter inch socks.

“Highly elastic Lycra fibers can provide moderate compression to improve blood circulation & oxygen flow, reduce foot cramps and swelling.” Avoalre said in a recent statement. “Elastic high performance athletic socks have proper tightness, so the comfy sports socks will not lost elasticity or shrink even after washing several times. The double-layer design of the top prevent these blister resist running socks from slipping down during exercise.”

Soreness remedies

Cyclists will be especially pleased to see new detailing in the tiptoe and arch section of the socks once they encounter moisture and increased friction. “Our latest design in the tiptoe section serves to make these padded sports socks flat on the interior, protecting your toe from yarn chafing and irritation.” Avoalre’s statement continued. 

“Six specialized cushion supports will make your feet comfortable & relaxed while absorbing impact yet relieving foot fatigue.” they said. “These dynamics are certain to promise no blisters after long time exercise. Compression arch support design contributes to keep your arch stable and improve the fit, reducing fascia fatigue during exercise.”


What other sports would you like Avoalre to design socks for next? Let us know in the comments!

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