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A Beginner’s Guide to Alexandrite: How to Choose the Perfect Stone

For thousands of years, alexandrite has been prized by gem collectors as one of the rarest and most enchanting stones on earth. Its magical qualities and special ability to change colors depending on its light source have amazed people for centuries. If you’ve ever wondered about this mysterious stone and are contemplating purchasing one, you’re in luck! This blog post is an informative guide to introducing a unique introduction to Alexandrite – from understanding its properties, and characteristics to helping you pick out the perfect stone that will make your heart sing. So sit back with your favorite cup of coffee (or tea!) and let’s dive into learning all about what makes Alexandrite so fascinating!

What is Alexandrite and Why Should You Choose It

Alexandrite is a very rare gemstone that is a variety of the mineral chrysoberyl. It typically has a changeable color, displaying different shades depending on its light source – either green or red under natural daylight and yellowish or purple under artificial light. Most often found in Russia and India, it is said to bring good luck and happiness to those who own it. Here are five reasons why  you should consider Alexandrite for your next piece of jewelry or engagement ring:

  1. Its Hardness Makes it Durable – Alexandrite has a hardness ranking of 8.5 to 9 on the Mohs scale, making it resistant to scratches and damage from everyday use.
  2. Its Truly Unique Appearance – Not only does its color change depending on its light source, but some specimens display unique chatoyancy (a phenomenon in which a line of light reflects across a gemstone’s surface).
  3. Availability and Affordability – Despite being one of the rarest gemstones around, alexandrite is still reasonably affordable compared to other precious stones like diamonds because most pieces are small in size and of lower quality.
  4. It’s Meaningful – As a symbol of love, luck, and joy, Alexandrite is said to bring its owners luck in life and relationships. This makes it an ideal choice for Alexandrite engagement rings or pieces of jewelry that are given as meaningful gifts.
  5. Flexibility with Design – Finally, the variety in the gemstone’s color allows you to design unique pieces of jewelry that no one else will have! Whether you choose a classic solitaire-style ring or something more intricate like an eternity band with alternating shades of green and red stones, your piece will be one-of-a-kind!

Now that we know why Alexandrite is such a special gemstone, let’s move on to understanding how to choose the perfect one!

How to Choose the Perfect Alexandrite Stone

When shopping for an Alexandrite stone, it is important to keep a few key factors in mind. Here are some tips for choosing the ideal stone:

  1. Color – Look for stones with intense color change and good clarity without too many imperfections. The best stones will have vibrant shades of green or red under natural daylight and yellowish or purple under artificial light.
  2. Cut – Ask your jeweler about the cut of the stone and make sure it has been done well so that all of its facets reflect light properly. This will maximize its color-changing abilities, giving you the best possible appearance.
  3. Carat Weight – Carat weight is an important factor when it comes to Alexandrite because these stones are typically small and can be difficult to find in larger sizes. Consider what size stone will fit your design and budget best before making a purchase.
  4. Origin – It may not always be possible, but try to buy alexandrite from its place of origin, such as Russia or India – this will ensure you get the most authentic and rare piece of gemstone available!

Caring for Your Alexandrite Jewelry and Where to Buy It

The best way to care for your Alexandrite jewelry is to store it separately from other gemstones, preferably in a fabric-lined box. This will help keep the stone safe from scratches and reduce the risk of light exposure. You should also be sure to have it professionally inspected every few years or after any incident that could damage the stone.

When it comes to buying Alexandrite, there are several reputable retailers online where you can find quality gemstones at reasonable prices. Be sure to do your research and read reviews before making a purchase – this will help ensure you get the genuine article!

Where to Buy Alexandrite Jewelry

At Eden Garden Jewelry, we specialize in handmade pieces featuring Alexandrite. Our collection features a variety of designs and settings – from classic solitaire engagement rings to intricately detailed eternity bands. All of our jewelry is made with the highest quality materials and comes with a lifetime guarantee! Shop our selection today and find your perfect piece of Alexandrite jewelry!

By following these tips, you’ll be sure to find an Alexandrite stone that fits your style and budget perfectly! From its unique color-changing abilities to its durability and affordability, it’s no wonder why so many people are choosing this gemstone for their favorite pieces of jewelry or engagement ring. Shop around, do your research, and you’re sure to find the perfect one in no time!


Alexandrite is a unique and special gemstone with many benefits. Its color-changing capabilities make it an ideal choice for engagement rings or pieces of jewelry that are given as meaningful gifts. When shopping for Alexandrite, be sure to consider the color, cut, carat weight, origin, and other factors to ensure you get the best possible stone. Finally, when it comes to caring for your alexandrite jewelry, always store it separately from other gemstones in a fabric-lined box and have it professionally inspected every few years.

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