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It's the decade of healthy living, with almost everyone embracing healthy lifestyles. Unsurprisingly, activewear is now becoming the hottest fashion trend.

Fitness and Fashion: 2022 Activewear Trend

It’s the decade of healthy living, with almost everyone embracing exercise and healthy lifestyles. Unsurprisingly, activewear is now becoming the most-worn outfit everywhere. Even jewelry shoppers are starting to buy activity-friendly 14k gold products

You want to look good while working out and have your confidence a little higher or maybe you work from home and prefer a comfortable and chic outfit. Or better still, you choose to do your business in an activewear outfit.

Here’s where fitness meets fashion. The result is something called “athleisure!” No kidding, whatever your motivation is, some ensembles to make you look extra elegant and sporty are welcome. Yes, athleisure got you covered.

What exactly is athleisure? Is it a worthwhile trend? Top athleisure trends to rock in 2022. Do we have your answers? Yes! Let’s find out together!

What is athleisure?

The idea behind athleisure is to look effortlessly chic and sporty in activewear, all the while being comfortable; thus, combining the words athletic plus leisure, which makes up “athleisure.” They are appropriate for either athletic or leisure pursuits, or both!  

Outfits like sports bras, leggings, athletic shoes, sweatpants, joggers, tracksuits, matching costumes, bike shorts, oversized outfits, yoga pants that can be worn everywhere — to the gym, running an errand, lounging or grabbing a bite, working from home, or going for a meeting without looking like a schlub all fall under the athleisure outfit categories. 

The emphasis is on comfort, looking chic yet sporty that doesn’t scream straight-out-of-the-gym. This trend isn’t schlub-looking, awkward, or haphazard. It gives you a sleek vibe without much effort.

Jennifer Bandier, the founder of the boutique Bandier, mentioned how activewear trends are going beyond workouts, evolving to what she calls ‘athluxe.’ “Think activewear meets luxury,” such as pairing workout sets with formal footwear, cashmere, and blazers, she says.

Many people are meshing bold fashion with their fitness gear. Like rocking a pair of winter boots, a shearling coat atop leggings, and a tank top. Or a biker jacket is worn over a sports bra paired with leggings and perhaps sandals. These ensembles will raise your confidence and good feeling level higher. 

Is athleisure a worthwhile trend?

If the number of people embracing this trend everywhere is anything to go by, then athleisure is undoubtedly more extensive than a trend. 

Athleisure portrays a significant change in fashion as it appears on designer runways.  

Among the reasons for the mainstream adoption of athleisure is that many people are after healthier lifestyles and performance-driven outfits, and well, celebrity endorsements on social media.

Lastly, the need for everyday comfort for fitness folks and working-class people contributes to the trend. Who has the time to carry or change into a work outfit after a workout? 

Thus, designers and retailers are producing clothes that cover a broad category of being ideal for either athletic, luxury, leisure activities, or all.

Athleisure can boost your confidence and make you look good and feel great. If you’d like to explore this trend, here are five top activewear trends in 2022:

Five top activewear trends in 2022

1. Tops

One athleisure wear that attracts attention is the crop tops. It’s perfect for the gym and outdoor events where you can flaunt your gym results. Are you done with your workout? Just throw a cardigan over, and you’d still look impressive. You want to go for fun and functionality to keep your “girls” in position. 

Sports bras

Hailey Bieber rocking her engagement ring with her chic athleisure.

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Sports bras are fun outfits. They are perfect for workouts and stylish under blazers and jackets after a workout. It gives off the boss-lady vibe. There are varieties of sexy and sporty crop top bras styles and brands.

Long-sleeve crop top

This is another variation of sexiness. Perfect for workout and outdoor activities. It goes with baggy and wide-legged pants.

2. Bottoms

High-waisted pants

We can’t get enough of high-waisted pants. There’s a unique way they snatch your tummy, making you look flatter. That’s why they are our favorite. They are convenient for any workout and perfect for running errands or grabbing lunch. 

Biker shorts

The trend is still going strong this year. You can pair these skin-tight stretchy shorts with spandex or colorful tops. 


Pants for the winter. Easy to move in it while looking chic. Though you can get stretchy joggers, they may be hard to find. Their range of brands printed designs and patterns to pick. Ideal with long-sleeve crop tops whether irrespective of your destination. 

3. High-tech outfit

In a bid for a healthier lifestyle, Many workout folks prefer performance-driven activewear. That is smooth on the skin,  wicks out sweat, keeps you cool and refreshed during activity. 

Thus, brand companies are integrating technology with fitness to create smart outfits — everything from leggings, shirts, tops, socks to footwear and caps that can improve athletic performance while being fashionable.

The benefits of scientifically engineered clothing made with compression are that during a workout, it helps blood pump throughout the muscles, which is essential in fatigue management, force exertion, and post-workout recovery. 

These clothing categories are mainly the choice of professional athletes and other regular workout folks because of their advantages. 

4. All Sizes

With the mainstream wellness-mentality, everybody — men, women, and children of different body sizes are working out. 

Thus, in response, designers are creating athleisure wear to cater to people of different shapes, lengths, and sizes. 

Everyone has the right to feel good and look good. Don’t you think? 

5. Matching outfit

No denying that there’s something chic and put-together about a matching outfit that makes you linger on people’s thoughts. It’s a trend that’s storming 2022 with full force. They come in exciting patterns and bold colors — orange, warm red, fiery red, etc. 

You can spice up the look by rocking any of these classic rings.

6. One-pieces

Here’s an extension of an athleisure matching outfit but even more fancy. The dark and neutral colors are available, but the bold and bright colors and geometric patterns are seizing the trend in 2022. 

One-piece is a comfortable athleisure that makes it easy to move about without earthing workout kits in your gym bag. And it gives you a desirable elegant vibe.

You can go for a neutral color if you’re not up for a bold statement. The cropped silhouette is an excellent choice if a full-length look isn’t your thing. 

7. Sustainable fabrics

With many people being conscious of their health and wellness, thus, they are opting for eco-friendly athleisure wear. Workout folks are focused on getting organic and recycled activewear. 

With many advocating for environmentally friendly practices, the shift to sustainable technical clothing is storming in 2022. 

Sustainable activewear in fashion is now a must-have for every brand and its consumers.

These trends are going strong without sign of slowing down. Do you have a favorite pair or athleisure? Let us know.

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