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Looking to add some bling to your wardrobe this year? Spice up your ice with the hottest trends in hip-hop jewelry in 2021! Here are our picks.

Hip Hop Jewelry Trends in 2021

Trends tend to come and go, the same can be said when it comes to Hip Hop Jewelry, but with the current trends, it is very much as though a particular decade never let go. You continue to see rappers and hip hop artists don the same jewelry that we would have seen worn by Biggie, Tupac, and Dre wear in the 90s. Even in fashion, the past skater trends have started to return from the 90s. Putting together the proper jewelry collection comes with many choices, so I am going to help you out. See my take on the different Hip Hop Jewelry trends for 2021.


Chains have always been a staple in Hip Hop to help show wealth or status. It should be no surprise that chains are still very much in the limelight when it comes to having the best collection that you can. The question is, where do you start? There are so many different variants with chains alone, but the one style of chain that is always worn and is absolutely here to stay in the Cuban link chain. You will often see musicians and artists hold their Cuban link chains or pull on them to show strength, but you will never see a Cuban link chain come apart. They also allow you to have a lot of customization with pendants or to have diamonds throughout the chain. Nevertheless, you need to make sure that you choose a Cuban link chain made of high quality. Follow the link to see some of the best chains.


It has always been known that watches are an essential part of a good collection, and quite often, a good watch holds its value. If the right one is chosen, it will even increase in value. Watches are able to elevate any wrist, and you will see many different artists flex their wealth while wearing a great timepiece. Rolex has become synonymous with luxury watches, and they are quite often the brand that a lot of people work hard to be able to afford. It is for this reason that rappers and Hip Hop artists will wear their Rolex and flex their wealth in the songs that they write and the videos that they feature in. Very much like the chain, Rolex watches come with a myriad of different options such as a diamond-studded face, platinum or gold metals and more. You will, of course, find that some people have a Rolex made entirely of diamonds! The moral of the story here is that watches are a massive component in Hip Hop Jewelry collections, and Rolex is right at the top when it comes to what brand to choose. You can see the different types of Rolex here –


As time has gone on, so too has the style of earrings you will see Hip Hop artists wear. Gone are the days that you will see hoops in a music video. Now, it is common to see iced out earrings made of gold or platinum; sometimes, you will see more finesse with thin earrings holding a precious stone of a different colour to truly bring more attention to them. A classic that is in it for the long haul is the diamond studs. Again, the diamond itself doesn’t need to be the traditional white diamond. With how the market has evolved, you will regularly see diamonds in black, rose or even canary yellow. 

The most crucial aspect to ensure that you have in the earring is the stone. Much like the chain and the watch, Hip Hop jewelry is about status, and you will commonly see people use earrings as another way to flaunt their wealth and success. 


You now have a watch on your wrist, earrings and a chain around your neck. The other wrist must be looking quite bare. Hip Hop artists know that the more bling they show, the better. Bracelets have been worn in Hip Hop for years, and they will continue to do so. Whether the bracelets be iced out or have a few stones, they are always made of either platinum or gold to help boost the worth of the piece. Of course, suppose you want to help keep a style going. In that case, you can always stick to the Cuban link for a bracelet too. Still, there are so many different options to choose from with various links available. Luckily, bracelets are very much customized to suit the wearer. Still, more often than not, they are worn as a signal of fortune more so than a fashion item. At Itshot shop you will find some of the most bling bracelets that you can find.


Last up but by no means least, we come to the rings. Previously, it was common for rings to be just made of precious metal and no more but with time comes many changes. Jay Z is a prime example of moving from metals to stones with his massive sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds. One of the intentions of the rings is to show off the success and wealth that the artist has attained. This is why it is vital to ensure that you have at least 1 ring on each hand; some will have 1 per finger to really show off.

The final word

Having a collection that you can show off is incredibly important in the Hip Hop game, but it is essential to understand that it can also be about showing yourself that you are worth the money too! By building up a collection that only some people can dream of, you are sure to be able to mix and match different combinations to get the most use out of the collection. Now get out there and start making other people jealous of how well you are doing.

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