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Producing studio-quality videos without a studio can be done. Here's 3 ways to produce studio-quality videos without a studio.

3 Ways to Make Studio-Quality Videos Without a Studio

Producing studio-quality videos without a studio can be done, but it does require preparation beforehand. Even if you don’t have a studio, there are ways to get a studio still if it is in your budget, renting studio space for a company, such as C&I Studios is an option, also using a quiet room in your home can work as a space for a studio. 

When you’ve decided on a space that works, here are three ways to make studio-quality videos:

1. Camera

Select a camera to record your video, and luckily with technology today, the quality of videos on images has come along way, meaning your phone might be the only camera you need to record. Invest in a tripod, though, to hold your phone for recording videos. 

2. Microphone

Besides the camera, another critical piece to creating studio-quality videos has a microphone. You need to choose a microphone that will work the best for the videos you are trying to do. Are you creating one-person interviews? 

Do you need to capture location sounds, or have multi-person discussions? Research the microphone that will produce the best sound quality for your videos. There are three types of microphones usually used lavalier, shotgun, and cardioid. 

3. Video Editing Software

When you’ve recorded your video, and have quality sound and footage, its time to invest in good video editing software to help you edit like a professional. There are many software out there for editing videos to choose from with a variety of price tags to fit many budgets. 

However, video editing software doesn’t have to be pricey. In fact, you can find plenty of free options that some people might consider the best video editing software in respect to their budget and project needs. For example, if you’re a video translator and need one that can simply embed subtitles, do you need the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro?

Try trial programs before investing in any video edition software to make sure you find the plan that works best for you.

Here are some more tips to help you create studio-quality videos, without having your own studio space:

  • Use Lots of Light — lightening will make a difference in the quality of your finished video. Use properly-placed lights, and the sun to brighten the room and make your video look professional over amateurish. 
  • Use a Clean Background  — nothing will look worse in your video then a dirty, messy, or distracting background.  Try using a solid-colored wall, bed sheet, or large sheet of backdrop for your background.
  • Prevent Shaky Footage  — having a shaking video, will ruin your video’s quality and make the finished product look more like a home movie. Set your camera on a sturdy surface or use a tripod to shoot your video. 

  • Understand the Rule of Thirds — when framing your video, imagine there is a three by three grid over the area you are filming. To properly frame, you should place your subject along one of the lines of the grid. 
  • Practice Your Camera Presence — if you are filming yourself in the videos, the way you appear on camera has a significant impact on the professionalism of your video. You don’t want to appear nervous, uncomfortable, or fidgety on camera. You can improve your camera presence with practice. 
  • Use Multiple Angles — try shooting from a variety of angles, by cutting from one to another adds visual interest to your video quality. When your changing perspectives move by at least 45 degrees, anything smaller doesn’t change the outlook for viewers. 
  • Use Simple Video Edits — effects can be fun in videos, but make sure not to go too crazy in your video editing process. You want a clean and straightforward edit to keep your video professional looking. 

Use the tips above to make studio-quality videos without having a studio. The more you practice and plan your videos, the more professional your video quality will begin to look.

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