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To save every student from the constant battle of choosing which film to watch, we prepared a list of nine movies about students and college life.

Nine movies every film student should watch

Students’ life is full of challenges and surprises: they manage to combine piles of studying with loud parties till dawn. Their minds struggle between two thoughts: “Should I write my paper, or chill and watch a movie?”. 

We won’t blame you if you choose the second option. To save you from the constant battle of choosing which film to watch, we prepared a list of nine movies about students and college life. Some of them are genuine classics! So grab some popcorn, invite your friends, and be ready to enjoy a relaxing evening.

The Social Network

The success of Facebook among users all over the world changes the lives of the Harvard students who create it in 2004. In several years, they become the youngest multimillionaires in the USA. Follow their story of friendship, rises, and falls. The Social Network is a motivational movie that proves that something life-changing can grow from a simple idea. 

A Beautiful Mind

A math genius in the days of his fledgling career achieves groundbreaking results in the field of the theory of gambling. It changes mathematics forever and brings him international fame. Nash is extremely popular among women and arrogant. At the same time, a stroke of fate affects his life. Beautiful Mind was released in 2002 and received 12 awards.

Van Wilder 

This film describes all the fun of the students’ life, especially during extracurriculars. Van Wilder has been studying in college for six years and can’t graduate. Don’t think he’s stupid; he’s simply in love with the careless life at school. Let’s be honest: Van Wilder is at least worth watching because it features Ryan Reynolds.


A team of five MIT students led by a former gambler who is now a respectable teacher of advanced mathematics develop a serious plan. Their knowledge of probability theory gives them an edge in Blackjack. Throughout twelve weeks this team takes a flight from Boston to Las Vegas every Sunday. They have only one goal: to beat the casino. 

Good Will Hunting

Will Hunting is a 20-year-old wunderkind from Boston. He is constantly getting into trouble. When he gets arrested for another fight, a math professor takes him under the wing. This wonderful movie features Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Robin Williams, and won an Oscar. 

Mona Lisa Smile

In 1953, America was absorbed into the fight for women’s rights. Katherine Ann Watson (Julia Roberts) is a teacher of Art History at Wellesley College for women. However, the management of the school has mostly patriarchal views on the role of a woman in this world. 

The Roommate

Sara gets into college and meets her new roommate Rebecca. Eventually, they become best friends. However, when Sara meets new people and her boyfriend, she spends less time with Rebecca. Later, weird accidents happened to Sara’s friends. If you’re a fan of thrillers and horror movies, this one’s a perfect choice.


EuroTrip is a classic comedy about students. The main hero finds a pen pal in Germany who happens to be a gorgeous blonde. He falls in love and decides to do everything possible to meet her. Join Scott and his friends on their hilarious adventure to Europe. 

Cruel Intentions

The life of rich teenagers is not as simple as it could be. They have quite exquisite entertaining methods which involve humiliating and hurting their dear ones. Cruel Intentions displays the story of two spoilt and unscrupulous students. The marvelous soundtrack adds a special charm to the fascinating plot. 

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