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RVKAH is a rising star in the indie music scene. Learn more about her and check out her new hit single, 'Slow Down'.

Singer, songwriter, and rising Indie music artist RVKAH shares insight on her latest track ‘Slow Down’ and her upcoming second EP

Singer, songwriter, and rising indie music artist RVKAH, shares insight on her latest Spotify hit ‘Slow Down’ and plans for her upcoming second EP.

After the single “ Slow Down” received more than 100,000 streams within the first month of its initial release, the American-Israeli singer and songwriter, RVKAH, quickly became one of the most popular indie music artists on major music streaming platforms. As she gears up for a busy year, RVKAH shared that her second EP is in the works and will be ready for release mid-to-late summer 2021.

With her latest track, ‘Slow Down’ and the success of her first released “LOVE EP”, there is a growing demand for the young and talented artist as she sets out to leave her mark in the music industry. As her fan base stretches across the globe, and with an active social media following, we managed to talk to Rvkah about her newest EP, her music – and her road to success. 

How RVKAH is becoming a global sensation.

Born as Rebecca Jean Moritz in Florida and raised in Israel, the indie artist has been singing publicly since she was 5-years-old. Her career took a sharp turn when she was only 12-years-old, when she managed to release her very first debut album, “Picture Me”, under her original moniker as “Rebecca”. The talented young artist would, later on, receive first place in the VH1 “Song of the Year” contest in 2005 for the title track of the album in the Adult Contemporary category, along with additional tracks from the same album also receiving honorable nominations and awards.

As her career steadily took-off, RVKAH became an advocate for Peace-driven music after releasing her track “All Men Are Created Equal”. The song was inspired by her experience growing up in the Middle East in a war zone, shortly after 9/11. “All Men” would later receive an Honorable Mention from the Peace-driven Songwriting Award Committee. Additionally, RVKAH received numerous encouraging letters of commendation from world leaders for pushing the agenda of peace throughout the medium of music. This includes world ambassadors, former U.S. President’s Barack Obama and George W. Bush, as well as former Prime Minister to Israel, Ariel Sharon, as well as former President to Israel – Moshe Katsav.

Rebecca was also selected as a “Gold Artist” by, and her career as a professional singer and songwriter would become more established after the release of her first EP, the “LOVE EP”, which released in November 2020.

The transition from Rebecca to RVKAH.

Although she had been recording original music since she was 12-years-old, RVKAH felt that a new image and stage persona would be more suitable for her growing career in the music industry. After graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2014, finishing in 2015, the young artist decided to redesign her entire music career and stage name, going from Rebecca to RVKAH (pronounced Riv-Kah). RVKAH, the Hebrew name for Rebecca meant that the artist could incorporate her Hebrew roots, and Israeli culture into her music. The “LOVE EP” is a perfect example of how her new music represents the artist she has transformed into today.

The story behind her great music.

RVKAH has been working alongside some prominent songwriters and managers since she stepped onto the scene. Legends like Jan Fairchild and Grammy Award-Winning songwriter and Golden-Globe nominee, Charlie Midnight – who has previously worked with artists such as Christina Aguilera, Barbara Streisand, Hilary Duff, and Britney Spears to name a few.

On her most recent track, “Christmas Love,” RVKAH had the opportunity to work with Charlie Midnight for the first time, as well as with her manager, Multi-Platinum music producer and songwriter Kevin DeClue. Her relationship with Kevin DeClue has now given her the chance to work on upcoming promotional business ventures that will establish her even further within the music industry.

A previous colleague from Uranium Waves commented; “the thought-provoking lyrics of RVKAH’S new single ‘Slow Down’ invites us to take a moment and enjoy the rush of new romance. Life can pass us by all too quickly, especially in a whirlwind of thrilling emotions. RVKAH’S serene vocals draw you straight into her heart.”

What’s next for RVKAH?

With the launch of her upcoming EP, new music videos in production, and an upcoming new single, RVKAH is intent on success. With two non-exclusive license agreements with Kicksta Muzik Group and Madden Flow Entertainment, which allows her to create music for film and television – and a business sense that seems uncanny – RVKAH the artist, actor, and entrepreneur is headed towards great success.

RVKAH is also a branding consultant, as well as the co-founder of a dynamic skincare line for men alongside her manager Kevin DeClue.

Rvkah is all the hype right now, and her music is taking the world by storm. Listen to her latest tracks on Spotify or visit her website.

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