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Isaiah Thomas Butler uses dreams to explore the reality of racism in his film 'Real Monsters'. Take a deeper look at the groundbreaking project today.

See reality by watching dreams in ‘Real Monsters’

What do our dreams have to say about reality? That is just one of the questions explored in a new short film directed by Isaiah Thomas Butler. Real Monsters explores the ugly truth of racism through the dreams of a man, woman, and child just doing their best to get by in daily life. The film uses its surreal lens to reveal reality in a way that a more straightforward approach wouldn’t be able to accomplish.

As Real Monsters begins showing at various film festivals, audiences are going to be faced with unpleasant aspects of life that are discussed tactfully & artfully. With any luck, the film will make an impact on everyone who sees it, and together people can start chipping away at the sources of suffering for the film’s characters. The unflinching approach of Real Monsters to its subject matter will be remembered for years to come.

You likely won’t have to wait too long until you have the opportunity to see Real Monsters for yourself. Before you get the chance, why not take a deeper look at the film? We’ve got details on the production and its director for you right here. Come take a look inside Real Monsters.

Meet the film’s director

Real Monsters is directed by Isaiah Thomas Butler. Butler was born on October 28, 1987 in Youngstown, Ohio. In 2007, when Butler was just twenty years old, he moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in graphic design. After doing extensive work with BMW, Butler decided to change his focus and go into business on his own. In 2018 he started NCF Media Group.

After starting his own company, Isaiah Thomas Butler went to work on a number of successful collaborations. He began directing projects for artists like Lil Yachty, The Game, and Lauryn Hill. His company also partnered with Atlantic Records for work. Now Butler is setting his sights on narrative filmmaking and moving into more traditional directorial work with the short film Real Monsters.

A look at the film

The film’s official description reads, “How do you distinguish dreams from reality when they both belong to the same nightmare? Real Monsters takes you behind three different perspectives: the man, woman, and child. We want to show people the ugly truth behind racism and the black community. Each dream sequence removes us from one nightmare only to let us live in the current reality through the black experience.”

Real Monsters takes an unflinching look at racism in America. It uses surreal dream sequences to hit home its stark themes of inequality and the lasting damage that does to human beings. The film stars Nyanda Wazard, Reno Schrock, and Anthony Dixson, and their powerful performances elevate the film’s dream sequences into emotional roller coasters that will leave you reeling.

Real Monsters is just beginning its journey through the film festival circuit. Keep an eye out for this short film project from Isaiah Thomas Butler, who will surely continue releasing many more successful films in the future.

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