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Rareri reveals tracklist for album “Rareri

The artist Rareri is anticipating the release of his self titled album “Rareri”. The artist plans on releasing singles leading up to the release date 12/30/22. It is an exciting time for Rareri World supporters. This album will be ringing in the new year with affirmations and what it means to be a Rareri. Rareri (pronounced “Rare-eye”) means rare king/queen. 

This will be the second album added to the discography of Rareri. His first album “Nxmb” was a fusion of Rock and Hip Hop.  The self titled album “Rareri” will be of hiphop & pop genre.

Rareri states that the 8 track collection of songs includes piano melody, drums & adlibs that create this chantful sound throughout the musical piece.

Tracklist : 

  1. The World is Yours
  2. Free Us
  3. Imma Be Who I Wanna Be
  4. I Don’t Give a Damn
  5. I’m a Warrior
  6. Can’t Stop Me
  7. Let Them Talk
  8. You are a Star

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